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Integrating Using the HECH

This section provides an overview of HECH integration and discusses how to integrate CS data to HCM using the HECH Connector.

The HECH is a separately licensed product that manages bidirectional person data messaging and storage at the enterprise level, using broad data governance and data policy rules. When implemented, HECH becomes the single point of truth for person bio-demo data. HECH synchronizes this master data and transfers changes to all systems registered to it, by applying systemwide data validation policies set by your institution. The CS instance then becomes open to inbound information from other systems on campus.

Important! When using the HECH to integrate multiple systems, data is mastered in the hub itself but is actually manipulated and maintained in its “spoke” systems (such as CS). Messaging between the systems and the HECH is asynchronous. Only high-level data stewards can update or access person data within the HECH, for maintenance or troubleshooting purposes.

Oracle delivers the HECH Connector, a utility that assists with HECH integration by providing transformations and data mappings between CS and HECH, using Integration Broker. The HECH Connector contains Higher Ed Extensions for bio-demo data, affiliations, and External Search/Match. The Implementing CS Integration with the Higher Education Constituent Hub guide contains more information about the HECH, HECH Connector, and how to use these tools to manage bidirectional person data messaging.

See Implementing CS Integration with the Higher Education Constituent Hub on My Oracle Support.

The HECH Connector enables CS to integrate core person data to a separated HCM instance, using Integration Broker messaging to communicate with the HECH. The HECH Connector integrates the following data:

  • EmplID

  • Name

  • Address

  • Phone

  • Email address

  • National ID

  • VA benefit

  • Marital status

  • Education level

  • Place of Death/Death Certificate Number

  • Affiliations (outbound to HECH only)