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Prerequisites for Preparing to Consolidate and Report Academic Statistics

Before you can consolidate academic statistics and use them for reporting, you must perform prerequisite setup tasks. After you complete the prerequisites, you can run the Consolidate Academic Statistics process (SRPCCONP) to generate consolidated statistics data on students and then create reports based on this data.

Set up the following items for reporting:

  1. Academic Institution. See Setting Up Academic Institutions for Reporting

  2. Academic careers and programs. Setting Up Academic Careers and Academic Programs for Reporting

  3. Academic level and load rules.Setting Up Academic Level and Load Rules for Reporting

  4. Student attributes.Setting Up Student Attributes for Reporting

  5. Extracurricular activities.Setting Up Extracurricular Activities for Reporting

  6. National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) branch codes.Setting Up Branch Codes for NSC Reporting

  7. Statistic period types.Setting Up Statistic Period Types

  8. Academic statistics periods.Setting Up Academic Statistics Periods

  9. NSC program level. Setting Up For NSC Program Level Reporting