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Understanding Self-Service Student Center

The Student Center is a self-service page that provides students a single entry point from which to begin navigation to student related transactions. It also presents to students, in one location, the information that is important to them, such as their class schedule, enrollment dates, and account information.

From the Student Center, students access any student related transaction that is available from Campus Self Service. You can use the Student Center Options page and security setup to control which sections and transactions appear on the Student Center.

The sections that the Student Center can display are:

The Student Center displays the Share My Information button. A student, for delegating the access of his or her data to another person, can click this button to navigate to the Share My Information - Summary self-service page.

See Accessing Delegated Transactions.

Note: Students who use pop-up blocker software in their browsers will be unable to view .PDF transcripts and many other request results in Student Center.