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Siebel Customer Relationship Management Siebel Fundamentals for Siebel Open UI
Siebel Innovation Pack 2014
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About Notifications

Managers and the Siebel administrator can use notifications (or broadcast messages) to communicate information to their direct reports and to others in the organization. If the Siebel administrator provides you with the proper authority, then you can customize the behavior of notifications in your user preferences. For more information, see "Customizing Aspects of Notifications".

This topic contains the following information:

About the Notification Icon and Panes

You can access notifications by using the Notification icon on the menu toolbar. For more information about the menu toolbar, see "About the Menu Toolbar". If this icon is blinking, then you have at least one unread message with a level of importance (or severity) of Urgent with Alert.

When you click the Notification icon, the Notification Summary pane appears listing the summary text of each message. Figure 3-12 shows an example of the Notification Summary pane.

Figure 3-12 Example of the Notification Summary Pane

Notification summary pane.

When you expand the notification by selecting the arrow to the right of the notification in the Notification Summary pane, the details appears for that message. A blinking Notification icon stops blinking when the Notification Details pane appears. Read messages are not included in the message number that appears in the Notification icon.

In the Notification Summary pane, unread messages appear at the top of the pane and are sorted by message date with later messages listed before earlier messages. Read messages appear in italic text below the unread messages and are also sorted by message date with later messages listed before earlier messages.

About Colors for Notifications

Colors in notifications indicate the level of importance (or severity) of the message or of specific text in the message. Table 3-7 describes the level of importance for each color in the preconfigured Siebel application.

Table 3-7 Colors for Notifications

Color Level of Message Importance








Urgent with Alert

The color for the level of message importance applies the message text in the Notification Summary pane. If specific message text in the Notification Details pane is tagged with a level of importance, then that text appears in the color associated with the tag.

The Notification icon appears in different colors to indicate the most important unread message. For example, if 3 unread messages exist, and if one message has a normal level of importance, one message has a high level of importance, and one message has an urgent level of importance, then the Notification icon appears in the color for the urgent message. If no unread messages exist, then the Notification icon appears in a gray color.

Your Siebel administrator can configure different colors by changing the style sheet for the Siebel application.