1 Getting Started with SQL Workshop

The SQL Workshop provides tools that enable you to view and manage database objects. Object Browser enables you to use a tree control to view object properties and create new objects. The SQL Commands tool enables you to enter ad-hoc SQL. Query Builder enables you to create join queries using drag and drop. SQL Scripts enables you to store and run scripts. The Data Workshop enables you to load and unload text, DDL, and spreadsheet data.

1.1 SQL Workshop Icons

You access SQL Workshop by clicking the SQL Workshop icon on the Workspace home page. The SQL Workshop home page appears.

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SQL Workshop home page features the following icons:

1.2 Selecting a Schema

A schema is a logical container for database objects. Use the Schema list on the right side of the SQL Workshop home page to select the default database schema for your SQL Workshop session. Only schemas assigned to your workspace display in the Schema list.

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