About the Document Library

The document library describes the different tabs present in the library. You can use the site's Search feature to search throughout the library of product documents or to search a specific document. The site can also convert the documents to PDF, EPUB, and Mobipocket file formats.

All documentation for the Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c Release 3 software is located at the site: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E59957_01/index.htm.

The documentation library contains the documents in Table 1-1. The Deploy How To tab at http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E59957_01/nav/deployhowto.htm and the Operate How To tab at http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E59957_01/nav/operatehowto.htm have links to end-to-end examples and to workflows that combine the examples into deployment and operation scenarios.

Table 1-1 Documents for Enterprise Manager Ops Center

Document Content

Concepts Guide

An overview of the product software's architecture and its features. This document also explains the product's user interface.


Links to the installation and upgrade information and a description of known issues in the current release.

Release Notes

Information about the current version, procedures for installation, and known issues.

Installation Guide for Oracle Solaris Operating Systems

Information about planning for a new installation of the product software and the procedure for installing the software on an Oracle Solaris server.

Installation Guide for Linux Operating System

Information about planning for a new installation of the product software and the procedure for installing the software on a Linux server.

Ports and Protocols

Lists the ports used by the product software, the protocol for each port, and its purpose. It also includes the websites that the product software uses.

Upgrade Guide

Information about updating an existing installation of the product software to the current version.

Administration Guide

Procedures for configuring each component of the product software, for configuring the software for high availability, for managing users and roles, and for maintaining the product database. This guide also has procedures for obtaining operating system updates, enabling Auto Service Requests (ASR), using the OCDoctor script, and upgrading the software.

Operations Reference

Descriptions of the product features in detail and with procedures.

Operations for Oracle SuperCluster Reference

Information about Oracle SuperCluster Management.

Command Line Interface Guide

Instructions for using the product's command-line interface and man pages for each command.

Security Guide

Descriptions and procedures for a secure Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center deployments.

Certified System Matrix Guide

Supported hardware, operating systems, virtualization technologies, databases, and browsers.

Cloud Infrastructure API and CLI Reference Guide

API and CLI commands to manage programmatically the allocated virtual resources for a virtual datacenter account and to create and manage vServers.

System Monitoring Plug-in for Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center

Procedure for installing and configuring the plug-in that enables Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center to connect to Enterprise Manager Cloud Control.