3.2 Creating a Connector Instance

Once the ServiceNow connector is installed in Enterprise Manager, you must create one or more instances of this connector type. A connector instance refers to the configured instance of the connector with specific details, such as connector name, web-service end-points, username/password, and so forth of the ServiceNow system.

Follow the steps below to create a connector instance:

  1. From the Enterprise Manager Setup menu, select Extensibility, and then select Management Connectors.
  2. Select the ServiceNow connector type from the Create Connector drop-down list, then click Go.
  3. Enter the connector name and description on the next screen, then click OK.

    The connector instance appears as unconfigured in the Connector Setup page as shown in Figure 3-5:

Figure 3-5 Unconfigured ServiceNow Ticketing Connector

Unconfigured ServiceNow ticketing connector screen shot example.