5.7 Creating a New Custom Template

If you want to create a custom template, you need to install a new template before it is recognized in Enterprise Manager.

To create a new a template, Oracle recommends that you use one of the existing templates as the baseline. Copy this ticket template to a file, modify, test and then register the file as a new ticketing template.

For each new custom template, run the following emctl register_template connector command as a user with execute privilege on emctl and the ability to read the template:

$ORACLE_HOME/bin/emctl register_template connector -t <template.xsl> -repos_pwd <reposPassword> -cname <connectorName> -iname <internalName> -tname <templateName> -ttype 2 [-d <description>]


  • <template.xsl> is the full path name of the template file.

  • <reposPassword> is the Enterprise Manager root (SYSMAN) password.

  • <connectorName> is the name of the connector instance installed in Configuring a Connector Instance.

  • <internalName> is the internal name to use for the template.

  • <templateName> is the name to display for the template.

  • <description> is the description of the template.

For example, the following command adds a new outbound template (newTemplate.xsl) for the connector instance:

ctl register_template connector -t /home/oracle/custom_templates/newTemplate.xsl -repos_pwd sysmanpass -cname "ServiceNow Connector Instance" -iname "newTemplate" -tname "New Template" -ttype 2 -d "Demo template"