Understanding ASAP SRT Users and Tasks

The following table lists the roles and the tasks each role typically performs in Oracle Communications Design Studio for ASAP SRT.

Role Task Reference
Solution Designer Load (import) cartridges See "Importing Activation Cartridge Projects"

See "Importing Projects"

Solution Designer Setting up Activation SRT cartridges "Creating New Activation SRT Cartridges"
Solution Designer Modeling service bundles "Creating Service Bundles"

"Associating Service Actions with the Service Bundle"

"Understanding Service Action Spawning Conditions"

"Understanding Upstream Interface Parameters"

"Mapping Upstream Interface Parameters to Service Action Parameters"

"Understanding Lookups"

Solution Designer Build, deploy and undeploy to/from development environments "Packaging and Deploying ASAP SRT Cartridges"
Developer Integration with the CRM (upstream) system "Modeling Translations"
Developer Configuring Lookups "Configuring Lookups"

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