Unmatched Email Status Report

Important: This report is not currently implemented. When you generate this report, the system prints a generic document with the following information:

The requested document is not currently implemented: CUSTOMER_EMAIL_STATUS_REPORT

Purpose: Use this report to review the records in the Customer Email Updates Table that were not matched to a sold to customer.

How to print: Submit the Customer Email Status Updates Process.

For more information: See the sample report in PDF format.

Contents: Information on this report sorts alphabetically by email address.

Submit Date: The date the Customer Email Updates record was added to the Customer Email Updates table from the external system. If the external system provided a date in an incorrect format, the date will not display correctly.

Email Address: The email address of the sold to customer.

Profile ID: A unique code to identify the sold to customer in an external system.

First Name: The first name of the sold to customer.

Last Name: The last name of the sold to customer.

Email Status: Indicates the preferred method of correspondence for the sold to customer’s email address. Valid values are:

- O1 (Email) = Email is the preferred method of correspondence.

- O2 (Order-only email) = Use email for order-related correspondence only; generate a document for other correspondence.

- O3 (No email) = Do not use email for any correspondence; generate a document instead.

- O4 (Do not ask the customer) = Do not ask the customer for his/her email address; the customer has already been asked and has declined to provide it. The system does not generate any email correspondence to the customer, even if an email address is specified.

CS03_21r OROMS 17.0 2018 OTN