Configuration and Administration: includes troubleshooting and FAQ’s.

Accounts Payable: Includes general accounting setup.

Customer Service: includes customer maintenance, order inquiry, order maintenance, returns, backorder and soldout process, refunds, and memberships.

Fulfillment: includes pick slip generation, drop ship processing, Order Broker Drop Ship Manager integration, and shipment confirmation.

Installation: includes system control values, number assignment, and secured features.

Marketing: includes promotions, source code and offer setup, and list management.

Merchandising: includes item maintenance and purchase order maintenance.

Order Entry: includes the generic order API.

System Operations: includes utilities, periodic processing, authorizations and depositions, the e-commerce interface, stored value cards, the point-of-sale integration, and Order Broker integration.

Warehousing: includes purchase order receiving and warehouse management.

See the Menu Driver Screen for information on the options at this screen.

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