A / B / C / D / E / F / G / H / I / J / K / L / M / N / O / P / Q / R / S / T / U / V / W / X / Z


.Access Estimated Charge Percent (Secured Feature B01)

.Access To Customer Pop-Up Messages (Secured Feature A79)

.Access To Void/Reprint All (Secured Feature A76)

.accompanying items, working with

.accounting periods, about

.ACS updates

.action notes, customer


.Customer Exposure Report by Reason Code

.Customer Exposure Report by User

.resolving or deleting

.action reason codes, customer

.active procedures

.for all users

.pop-up window when ending ASYNCS


.actual charges, PO, reviewing

.Add Accompanying Items in Order Maintenance (SCV H28)

.Add Customer Action Detail Notes (Secured Feature A94)

.Add Printed Drop Ship Lines as Backordered on Pick (SCV E93)

.Add Purchase Order Detail Line During Purchase Order Receipts (Secured Feature A21)

.add reason codes

.entering in order maintenance

.working with

.Add Reason for No Cost PO (SCV M04)

.additional charge codes


.working with

.additional charges

.PO, about

.PO, assigning at PO receiving

.reviewing in order inquiry

.Additional Charges Access (Secured Feature A24)

.additional pick labels, printing

.address changes

.customers, reviewing

.through MBS or ACS upload

.Address Interface User Hold Code (SCV I68)

.address management interfaces

.Experian Data Quality (EDQ)

.Address Verification Response List

.address verifications (AVS)

.adjustments, see also inventory transactions

.advanced queuing

.aliases, item, working with


.Allow Additional Costs to PO Receipts (SCV A60)

.Allow Entry of PO Number in Inventory Transactions (Secured Feature A86)

.Allow Generate List in Merge/Purge (secured feature J06)

.Allow Location Class Edit in Inventory Transaction (SCV F86)

.Allow Manual Entry of Promotion Code (SCV I63)

.Allow Maximum Order Line Value Override (Secured Feature A69)

.Allow Maximum Order Quantity Override (Secured Feature A70)

.Allow Multi-Payment Types (SCV A74)

.Allow Multiple Primary Item Locations (SCV D12)

.Allow Negative Prices in Order Entry (SCV E97)

.Allow Number of Copies to Maintain in Catalog Request (Secured Feature A75)

.Allow Only Single Line on Drop Ship Picks (SCV C82)

.Allow Only Single Line on Drop Ship PO SCV (M13)

.Allow Order for New Bill To without Order Hold (SCV D84)

.Allow Receipt to Suspense (SCV A59)

.alternate currency pricing

.Alternate Customer Number Label Description (SCV H95)

.Alternate ID Required for Displaying Customer Profile (SCV K87)

.Alternate Pay Type (SCV B51)

.Amex Deposit File Sequence # (Number Assignment A30)

.announcements, specifying for home menu


.application areas, setting up

.application groups, setting up

.application log

.Apply A/P Terms Discount Percent at Purchase Order Receiving (SCV D76)

.Apply Discount to Manual Cost (SCV D96)

.Approve Purchase Order (Secured Feature A31)

.Assign Alternate Customer # (SCV I88)

.Assign Drop Ship Expected Ship Date (SCV I59)

.Assign Unreferenced Email (SCV H93)

.ASYNC jobs

.background jobs

.changing the status of


.reorganizing job data queues


.ASYNC, billing

.background job error listing

.status messages

.ASYNC, controlling

.ASYNC, evaluate backorder

.ASYNC, order processing

.ASYNC, other

.P/O Background Job Error Listing

.status messages

.asynchronous job error listing


.evaluate backorder


.P/O processing

.asynchronous jobs


.changing the status of

.controlling ASYNC


.evaluate backorder

.order processing


.processing purchase orders

.purging active procedures

.reorganizing data queues


.Audit, password

.Audit, user authority

.authentication, web service

.authorization history, reviewing in order inquiry

.authorization interface setup

.Authorization Number for Authorizations Under $1.00 (SCV I08)

.Authorization Record (Number Assignment A21)

.authorization services


.defining currencies

.defining merchant ID overrides

.defining vendor pay type codes

.defining vendor response codes



.card identification (CID, CVV2, CVC2)

.credit card, batch

.credit card, batch online

.credit card, manual

.credit card, online

.defining ship via dollar limit to hold

.pay type dollar limit to force

.performing batch online

.placing credit cards on hold, hierarchy


.reprocessing drop ships

.reviewing in pick slip generation

.Authorize Full Amount During Order Entry (SCV G99)

.Authorize Only Merchandise for Drop Ship Picks (SCV C92)

.Auto Advance to Item Offer (SCV J05)

.Auto Advance to SKU Create (SCV B34)

.Auto Advance to SKU Generator (SCV J06)

.Auto Advance to Vendor Item Create (SCV E78)

.Auto Assign Item # (SCV D46)

.Auto Assign Sort Sequence Number during SKU Generation (SCV F24)

.auto deposit


.sending or receiving deposits

.Auto Deposit Confirmation Report

.Auto Soldout Cancel Reason (SCV C20)

.Auto Update Order Priority (SCV G45)



.Auto-Generate Item Keywords from Description (SCV F79)

.Automatic Generation of Gift Acknowledgement (SCV B92)

.Automatically Create SKU Offers (SCV J71)

.Automatically Display Coordinate Items in Order Entry (SCV I53)

.Automatically Reprice Coupon (SCV K02)

.availability, items, in order inquiry

.Avalara AvaTax interface



.tax calculation

.AvaTax Account (SCV M37)

.AvaTax License (SCV M38)


.background job error listing


.evaluate backorder


.P/O processing

.background jobs

.ASYNC, ending

.ASYNC, starting

.ASYNC, using


.changing the status of

.controlling ASYNC

.evaluate backorder

.order processing


.processing purchase orders

.purging active procedures

.reorganizing job data queues

.Backorder Card Print Program (SCV D04)

.Backorder Free Gifts (SCV B48)

.Backorder Notification E-Mail Program (SCV G95)

.backorder notifications, generating

.Backorder Report by Descending Dollars by Division/Warehouse

.Backorder Report by Descending Dollars by Entity/Warehouse

.Backorder Report by Descending Dollars by Offer/Warehouse

.Backorder Report by Descending Dollars by Warehouse

.Backorder Report by Item

.Backorder Report by Item with SKU Details

.Backorder Report by Vendor

.Backorder Report by Vendor w/PO

.Backorder Report by Vendor with SKU Details

.Backorder Report by Vendor/SKU/PO

.Backorder Report by Warehouse

.Backorder Report by Warehouse with SKU Details

.Backorder Summary Report


.fulfillment from projected returns

.pending cancellation, working with

.processing item substitutions



.alternate currency pricing

.multiple currencies

.processing refunds

.Barcode Counter (Number Assignment A29)

.Batch Auth File Trace Number (Number Assignment A71)

.Batch Confirmed Report

.Batch Item Pull Label Printing Program (SCV F63)

.Batch Number for Retail Channel Orders (SCV I78)

.batch online credit card authorizations

.Batch Order Control job

.batch order entry


.accepting a batch

.defining controls for a batch

.rejecting a batch

.screen differences for

.unlocking stranded batches

.working with orders in a batch

.batch order maintenance, e-commerce errors

.Batch Pull Sheet Printing Program (SCV C38)

.Best Way Pricing (SCV A78)

.Best Way Promotions (SCV K44)

.Best Way Ship Via for Auto-Assignment (SCV J67)

.best way shipping


.Billing Background Job Error Listing

.status messages

.Billing Invoice # (Number Assignment A16)

.billing, consolidating order history

.bill-to customers




.BOGO Grouping by Price Code or Category SCV (L62)


.Break Single Line Picks by Zone (SCV E33)


.Bypass Creation of Pick Forms during WSPS Pick Generation (SCV K55)

.Bypass CTI Reason Code (secured feature B24)

.Bypass Customer API Edit (SCV L93)

.Bypass Geographic Zone Searching in Order Entry/Order Maintenance (SCV H55)



.Calculate Freight by Order Weight for No Charge Orders (SCV G68)

.Calculate Freight for Store Pickup Orders (SCV L32)


.alternate currency pricing

.combined discount

.future orders

.landed cost

.quantity available

.call codes, working with

.Call Tag # (Number Assignment A25)

.Canadian tax, see GST or PST

.Cancel OROB Drop Ship PO (Secured Feature J04)

.Cancel Reason (Pick In) (SCV L86)

.Cancel Reason (Rejected Store Pickup Orders) (SCV G11)

.Cancel Reason Code to Suppress Email (SCV L08)

.cancel reason codes

.reviewing history

.working with

.canceling items in order maintenance

.canceling orders, in order maintenance



.credit cards

.when processing item substitutions

.Capture Addresses for Invoice (SCV J24)

.Capture Order/Call Disposition (SCV K03)

.Carryover Report

.Cart Batch # (Number Assignment A26)

.Cart/Bin Batch Pull Sheet Printing Program (SCV C39)

.cart/bin picking

.Cash Receipts Transaction ID (Number Assignment A39)

.catalog request history

.creating records


.catalog requests

.deleting printed



.resetting status

.working with




.source codes

.category codes, item


.Change Alternate Customer Number (Secured Feature B11)

.Change Associate Customer Flag (Secured Feature B10)

.Change Customer Action Detail Notes (Secured Feature A95)

.Change Customer Action Notes Description (Secured Feature A93)

.Change Customer Action Notes Status/Resolve (Secured Feature A98)

.Change Customer Action Notes Status/Work In Process (Secured Feature A97)

.Change Invoice Payment Information (Secured Feature A82)

.Change Pick Slips (Secured Feature A32)

.Changed Routed Email (secured feature B08)


.integration overview

.setup for

.ChannelAdvisor Inventory Level Default (SCV L91)

.ChannelAdvisor Order Type (SCV L90)

.ChannelAdvisor SKU X-Ref Offer (SCV L92)

.charges, PO additional

.Check Interface Additional Charge Code (SCV G27)

.Check Interface Download ID (Number Assignment A48)

.Check Interface Payment Type (SCV G26)

.Check Location Quantities During Pick Generation (SCV C54)

.Check User Class/Vendor Authority (SCV D88)

.City/State/Zip upload



.customer item class history, reviewing

.customer, pay type exclusions for

.customer, requiring


.location, working with

.long SKU

.Clear Processed Records from Customer Email Updates Table (SCV K70)




.collating sequence number for SKUs

.Collect Payment at POS for Store Pickup Orders (SCV M16)

.Column Sequence # (SCV A81)

.combined discount calculation


.CTI phone numbers

.scanning across in order entry

.setting up


.company logos


.menu screens

.component upload, working with

.Computer Telephony Integration Type (SCV I06)

.confirming shipments

.interactive confirmation

.manual confirmation process

.through Pick In API

.Consolidated Invoice (SCV B49)

.Consolidated Replenishment Report Program Name (SCV G49)

.Contact Us Email Program (SCV K54)

.contacts, vendor

.Continue Authorization Without Receipt (Secured Feature A90)

.contract prices, customer

.Contract Sequence # (SCV A83)


.reviewing in order inquiry

.working with


.FIFO costing

.unit of measure

.Convert Contribution Authority (Secured Feature A41)

.converting to orders

.coordinate group items, reserving

.coordinate groups, held detail lines

.coordinates, working with item

.Copy Item to Company Security (Secured Feature B15)

.copying POs

.correspondence history


.see also emails

.cost, standard updating

.Costing Method (SCV A25)

.costing methods

.FIFO, about

.in PO receiving

.countries, working with

.coupon promotions, overview




.Create Generic Customer Download Triggers (SCV L12)

.Create Generic Inventory Download Triggers (SCV I32)

.Create Generic Invoice Download Trigger Records (SCV I17)

.Create Generic Item Download Trigger Records (I15)

.Create Generic PO Download Trigger for PO Receipt (SCV K27)

.Create Generic PO Download Triggers (SCV K26)

.Create Generic Vendor Download Trigger Records (SCV I16)

.Create Inventory Download Triggers During PO Maintenance (SCV J93)

.Create Item Transaction History for Non-Inventory Items (SCV E39)

.Create Keywords at Item Entry (SCV F78)

.Create Manual Tickler (Secured Feature B13)

.Create Pick Download Triggers (SCV I31)

.Create Return Download Triggers (SCV K28)

.Create Separate Picks/POs for Ship to Store Orders (SCV L89)

.Create/Assign Bill To Customers in Order Entry (SCV A76)

.Creating SCF Ship Vias by SCF Range (MSSV)

.Credit Card Authorization AVS Hold Exemption/Bypass (SCV E61)

.Credit Card Authorization Field Access (Secured Feature A25)

.Credit Card Authorization Listing

.Credit Card Authorization Listing, Online

.credit card authorization services


.defining currencies

.defining merchant ID overrides

.defining vendor paytype codes

.defining vendor response codes

.credit card authorizations

.defining ship via dollar limit to hold

.pay type dollar limit to force

.Credit Card Credit Acknowledgement E-Mail Program (SCV H08)

.Credit Card Credit Acknowledgment Print Program (SCV D22)

.Credit Card Decline Email Program (SCV K53)

.Credit Card Deposit Schedule Report

.Credit Card Deposit Schedule Summary Report

.credit card deposit schedule, printing

.credit card encryption

.masking credit card number

.credit card invoice information, processing

.credit card number masking, about

.Credit Card Order Cancellation List

.Credit Card Retention Days (K65)

.credit cards

.address verification

.authentication verification

.batch online authorizations


.card identification (CID, CVV2, CVC2)

.changing information for deferred/installment billing plan, in order inquiry

.manual authorization

.online authorizations


.Credit Return Authorization (Secured Feature A34)




.processing by line of business

.Cross Channel Orders to Exclude in Sales Feed (SCV L35)

.cross reference


.cross-selling, item coordinates



.customer call log

.customer, selecting for order entry

.order inquiry reason codes

.Cube of Bin (SCV B44)

.Cube of Cart (SCV B42)



.currency, foreign

.comparing multiple currency by offer with alternate currency pricing

.defining decimalized

.refunds in

.reviewing totals in order inquiry

.using alternate currency pricing

.Current Offer (SCV A33)


.custom special handling formats

.customer API

.Customer Bill To (Number Assignment A11)

.Customer Class for User Defined Field Prompting (SCV G04)

.customer classes, see classes, customer

.Customer Detail Exposure Report by Reason Code

.Customer Discount Sequence # (SCV A84)

.Customer Engagement batch customer and sales integration

.Customer Engagement customer wish list integration

.Customer Engagement interactive customer integration

.Customer Engagement loyalty integration

.Customer Engagement purchase history integration

.Customer Engagement stored value card integration

.Customer Exposure Report

.Customer Fraud (Number Assignment A10)

.customer history API

.customer inquiry (search) API

.customer inquiry API

.Customer Price Group Code for CPG Pricing Only (SCV L58)

.customer profiles, see also profiles, customer

.Customer Return Label Print Program (SCV D35)

.customer search API

.Customer Sold To (Number Assignment A07)



.contract prices

.frauds, working with



.item class history, reviewing

.item history by entity

.item history for

.maintenance (bill-to)

.maintenance (ship-to)

.maintenance (sold-to)


.order detail history by entity

.order entry, selecting for

.order history by entity

.order history details (ship to)

.order history for

.order history, reviewing detail

.order/entity history (ship to)

.pay type exclusions for

.relationships between types

.reviewing address changes

.ship to item history

.ship to order history, totals

.tax status

.types, overview

.updating bill-to address with sold-to changes

.user fields

.warranty information

.CWCancel message

.CWCatreqResponse message

.CWCatRequest message

.CWCustomerIn message

.CWCustomerOut message

.CWDirect log

.CWDirectCP Properties file

.CWEmail message layout

.CWEmailOut message




.CWOrderTransactionHistory message

.CWOrdLnHstIn message

.CWReceiptIn web service

.CWReceiptIn XML message

.CWReturnIn message

.CWReturnOut message

.CWReturnRAOut XML message



.Cybersource point-to-point integration



.Daily Business Status Report

.Data Base Library (SCV A37)

.dates, order reviewing in order inquiry

.Days after 2nd Backorder Notification to Cancel Order (SCV D07)

.DBConfig Properties file


.DBTableCacheMapping properties file


.deactivating payment methods in order maintenance

.Declared Value Type (SCV C66)

.Default "Gift Order" Flag (SCV D14)

.Default # Copies (SCV A39)

.Default Active Offers (SCV J07)

.Default Additional Charge Code (SCV C45)

.Default Additional Charge Code for Inbound Returns (SCV H64)

.Default Associate Code (SCV D09)

.Default Auth Code for CC Netting (SCV M25)

.Default Batch for E-Commerce Orders in Error (SCV G41)

.Default Cash Customer (SCV C49)

.Default Cash PayType (SCV C07)

.Default Country for Customer Address (SCV B17)

.Default Country for International Address Format (SCV D69)

.Default Credit Card Authorization Number for Soft Declines (SCV F93)

.Default Customer Class in Order Entry (SCV D63)

.Default Customer for Customer API (SCV I90)

.Default Delivery Code for New Order Entry Customers (SCV D13)

.Default Disposition Code (SCV C18)

.Default Future Orders Arrival Date (SCV E53)

.Default Item History Tracking (SCV B18)

.Default Item Unit of Measure (SCV B33)

.Default Location for Sales Download (SCV K69)

.default locations, warehouse

.working with

.Default Mail Name (SCV D10)

.Default Male/Female Profile Code (SCV C74)

.Default Miscellaneous Source Code for Existing Customers (SCV H83)

.Default Miscellaneous Source Code for New Customers (SCV H84)

.Default Offer Source Code to Order Detail Line (SCV G28)

.Default Opt In/Opt Out Flag (SCV G97)

.default options

.Default Order Quantity (SCV B30)

.Default Order Type (SCV B28)

.Default OUTQ (SCV A38)

.Default Pick Generation Template for SVC Refund Processing (SCV I75)

.Default Previous Pay Type in Order Entry (SCV D64)

.Default Price Override Reason (SCV B35)

.Default Price Override Reason for Warranty Items (SCV G01)

.Default Price Table (SCV E04)

.Default Primary Location - Suspense Placement and PO Receipts (SCV C08)

.Default Primary Location (SCV C05)

.Default Primary Location from an Item Warehouse (SCV G06)

.Default Recipient Type for E-Commerce Orders (SCV H33)

.Default Rent Name (SCV D11)

.Default Return Disposition Code for Inbound Returns (SCV H65)

.Default Return Reason Code for Inbound Returns (SCV H63)

.Default Salesrep for E-Commerce Interface (SCV H24)

.Default Salesrep Number (SCV E86)

.Default Scan Method for Pick Pack Verification (SCV K30)

.Default Search Within Radius (SCV I40)

.Default Ship Complete Flag (SCV E09)

.Default Ship Via (SCV A77)

.Default SKU Generator L/S Style (SCV J04)

.Default SKU Generator Vendor Item (SCV C61)

.Default Soldout Control Code (SCV D72)

.Default Soldout Control Code for Item to Item Transactions (SCV D94)

.Default Source Code for Batch Catalog Requests (SCV D37)

.Default Source for Internet Orders (SCV E65)

.Default Staging Warehouse (SCV E15)

.Default SVC Refund Item Number (SCV I73)

.Default Unknown Source Code (SCV I58)

.Default Van Delivery Ship Via (SCV L07)

.Default Vendor Item Additional Charges (SCV I21)

.Default Vendor Response for Automatic Authorizations (SCV G10)

.Default Version for Order Inquiry (SCV C34)

.Default Warehouse (SCV A04)

.deferred billing


.applying in order entry

.authorization service settings

.billing updates

.creating a plan

.order hold reason codes

.order inquiry

.processing deposits

.rejected deposits

.related reports


.secured features


.system control values

.working with options

.deferred/installment billing

.changing credit card information in order inquiry

.working with in order maintenance

.Define Special Forms (SCV C03)

.Delay Billing Updates (SCV K85)

.Delay Order API Edit (SCV I56)

.Delete Customer Action Notes (Secured Feature A96)

.Delete Customer Call Log Records (Secured Feature A78)

.Demand Update for Non-Inventoried Items (SCV E59)

.demographics, see profiles, customer


.long SKU

.Deposit History Detail Report

.Deposit History Summary Report

.deposit history, reviewing in order inquiry

.deposit interface setup

.Deposit Service for Conditional Deposits (SCV L13)

.deposits, sending level II discounting

.detail messages, PO

.devices, warehouse





.Discount 1 Field (SCV D97)

.Discount 2 Field (SCV D98)

.Discount 3 Field (SCV D99)

.discount calculation, vendor



.Discount Percentage Access (Secured Feature A39)


.applying in order maintenance

.coupons, applying to an order

.coupons, overview

.dollar, for offer

.item volume for offer


.special pricing by source

.Display "No Primary Location" Message in Returns (SCV G46)

.Display Alternate Customer Cross Reference Window (SCV I84)

.Display Alternate Shipping Charges by Via Window in OM (SCV I02)

.Display Backordered Coordinate Sale Items (SCV F41)

.Display Basic Install Values Only (SCV F22)

.Display Confirmation After QAS Picklist Selection (SCV J01)

.Display Cost in Inventory (Secured Feature A38)

.Display Customer Action Notes/Messages in RA (SCV F64)

.Display Customer Notes in LIFO Sequence (SCV D55)

.Display Discount on Order Recap Screen (SCV D38)

.Display Entity Description (SCV F84)

.Display First Membership Order Total (SCV G14)

.Display Full Credit Card Number (Secured Feature B14)

.Display Gross Margin (Secured Feature A65)

.Display Invoice Cost In Order Inquiry (Secured Feature A36)

.Display Item Alias (SCV D56)

.Display Item Description (SCV D45)

.Display Order Line Discount Messages (SCV F01)

.Display Order Recap (SCV A75)

.Display Order Statistics and Recap (Secured Feature J03)

.Display Partial Credit Card Number in Logs (SCV J16)

.Display Purchase Order Quantity in Receiving (Secured Feature B02)

.Display Purchase Order Receiving Overage Warning Message (SCV F29)

.Display Reserved and Exp Date in OEOM (Secured Feature J02)

.Display Return ID Window (SCV L99)

.Display SKU Description in Place of SKU Element (SCV F25)

.Display Special Format Response Descriptions in Order Entry (SCV E90)

.Disregard Soldout Controls for Non-Allocatable Warehouses (SCV J27)






.Docked but Past Due Purchase Orders Report

.document management

.dollar charts

.by offer

.by ship via

.by source

.by source code

.dollar discounts

.for offer

.for source

.Dollar Method Used to Evaluate Offer Ship Via Override (SCV E50)

.Dollar Threshold for Sold To Customer Orders with Flexible Payments (SCV F54)



.Download Prepaid Payment Types to E-Commerce (SCV I69)

.Download Threshold Quantity (SCV G36)


.e-commerce, offer files

.e-commerce, overview

.e-commerce, static files

.financial sales information






.drop points


.multiple SCF/ship vias, editing for

.setting up for zone skipping

.drop ship items, reserving

.Drop Ship Lead Days (H36)

.drop ship orders

.processing by batch

.selecting vendors for

.Drop Ship Pick Print Program (SCV E92)

.Drop Ship Values Screen (SCV H20)



.dunnage weight

.Duplicate Item Check (SCV C09)

.Duplicate Item Days (SCV C58)

.Duplicate Special Pricing by Source Report

.duty rates, defining for countries


.EBO Background Job Error Listing






.cancel request message

.catalog request message

.catalog request response message

.downloading offer files

.downloading static files

.file setup for download

.order maintenance or cancels

.removing offers and items from download

.sending internet order ship confirmation


.system control values

.E-Commerce Order Type (SCV G42)


.Edit for Duplicate Catalog Requests (SCV E46)


.Ehcache.xml file

.elements, creating SKU

.email addresses

."from" address on notifications

.customer, about

.error report

.format validation


.Email Errors Report

.email message layout

.email notifications

."from" address for

.company-level templates, working with

.entity-level templates

.outbound XML API, generic

.rules for generating

.E-Mail Order Confirmations for All Orders (SCV H51)

.Email Presentation (SCV I01)

.Email Properties file

.Email Purchase Order (SCV K80)

.email setup

.E-Mail Shipment Confirmations for All Orders (SCV H52)

.email XML message, inbound

.email XML message, outbound



.CWEmail message format

.notifications, "from" address for

.purging correspondence history

.repository, overview

.repository, setup requirements

.unrouted, working with

.updating email domains

.encryption, credit card

.masking credit card number

.Enter Amount For Order Additional Charge Code (Secured Feature A80)

.Enter Custom Special Handling in Upper and Lower Case (SCV D65)

.Enter or Override Personalization Charge (Secured Feature A40)

.Enter or Override S/H Price (Secured Feature B12)



.customer item class history by

.customer order detail history by

.customer order history by

.merchant ID by

.order history, ship to customers

.select for vendor response details

.system control value overrides by






.manifest pick request

.manifest ship request





.Evaluate B/O Background Job Error Listing

.evaluate backorder ASYNC

.Evaluate Pending Deposits and Refunds for Credit Card Purge (SCV L83)

.Evaluate Promotional Items/Inserts in Order Entry/Maintenance (SCV E48)

.Evaluate Special Handling Charges by Order Line (SCV D67)


.Exact Match Required on Address Line 2 for Phone Interface (SCV F75)

.Exact Match Required on Apartment for Phone Interface (SCV F74)

.Exact Match Required on City for Phone Interface (SCV F76)

.Exact Match Required on First Name for Phone Interface (SCV F71)

.Exact Match Required on Last Name for Phone Interface (SCV F72)

.Exact Match Required on State for Phone Interface (SCV F77)

.Exact Match Required on Street Address for Phone Interface (SCV F73)

.exchange rate, changing for POs

.exchange reason codes

.reviewing exchange reason/offer history

.working with


.entering in order maintenance

.entering, in order entry

.posting through order entry

.Exclude Sale Item When Prorating Discounts (SCV I65)


.item keywords

.pay type, by customer

.pay type, for customer classes

.exemptions, customer tax



.Expected Membership Orders Report

.Experian Data Quality (EDQ) address interface, about

.External Postal Code Validation (SCV E62)

.External Validation for Phone Number (SCV E64)

.Extra Weight for Order Weight Freight Method (SCV D85)



.POs, by range

.FIFO Cost Layer Listing

.FIFO costing




.screen differences

.FIFO Flag (SCV A03)


.Fill Rate Report

.Finished Good Explosion Report

.Finished Good Items Average or Standard Cost Updated Report

.finished goods

.and component on hand, report

.component item usage report

.exploded, report

.reserving inventory for

.setting up

.updating cost

.work order processing

.First Location Type (SCV E42)

.Flash Report

.flexible payment plan


.applying in order entry

.authorization service settings

.billing updates


.order hold reason codes

.order inquiry

.processing deposits

.rejected deposits

.related reports


.secured features


.system control values

.working with options


.FOB address

.defining in PO entry

.reviewing in PO inquiry

.force authorization

.foreign credit card deposits, purging records

.foreign currencies

.alternate currency pricing

.and processing deposits

.purging prestige credit card deposits






.Forms Properties

.FPO, processing deposits

.Fraud Checking (SCV A68)

.Fraud Score Cancel Reason Code (SCV M14)

.Fraud Values (SCV M19)


.customers, working with

.miscellaneous, working with

.free gifts

.by offer

.by source

.freight by order weight



.freight by weight, shipping rates

.freight charges

.best way shipping

.dollar chart by offer

.dollar chart by ship via

.dollar chart by source

.dunnage weight

.freight by weight

.overriding shipper in order entry

.shipper/item charges

.weight charges by ship via

.weight tables for freight by order weight

.zone skipping

.freight exempt items

.freight methods table

.FTC - # of Days for Items without Expected Ship Date (SCV C71)

.FTC - # of Days Prior to Next Backorder Date to Generate Second Notice (SCV E67)

.FTC - # of Days to Add for Drop Ships (SCV C68)

.FTC - # of Days to Add for Special Handling (SCV C67)

.FTC - Action after Second Notification (SCV C70)

.FTC - Second Notice Output (SCV E68)

.FTC - Suppress Backorder Notice for Due Date Changes (SCV L65)

.future orders calculation

.Future Orders Item Status (SCV E52)



.GECC Batch Sequence # (Number Assignment A41)

.Generate Custom Special Handling File (SCV D66)

.Generate E-Commerce Customer Merge Staging Files (SCV H86)

.Generate Invoice # at Pick Gen without Address Match (SCV K81)

.Generate Invoice Number at Pick Gen (SCV H80)

.Generate Price Tickets During Pick Slip Generation (SCV I77)

.Generic Integration Values (SCV I13)

.generic order interface

.Generic Purchase Order Outbound API

.generic tax interface

.geographic restrictions

.by country/state

.by item class/city

.geographic zones


.creating and maintaining

.Get Orders from E-Commerce (SCV G35)

.ghost customer

.ghost customer warning pop-up window

.Gift Flag for Orders Brokered to OROMS (SCV L03)

.Gift Order Acknowledgement Print Program (SCV B90)

.Gift Wrap Default (SCV F07)


.grab-bag transfers, see also inventory transactions

.GST Item Status Default (SCV A91)

.GST Rate (SCV A90)

.GST, tax exempt items


.harmonize codes, updating

.hazard codes

.held order detail lines, coordinate grouped

.held orders


.report, by reason code

.summary, reviewing

.Held Orders by Pay Type Report

.Held Orders by Reason Code Report

.held orders, releasing



.Hide Item Availability in Order Entry (SCV J66)


.authorization reviewing in order inquiry

.cancel reason

.Consolidating order billing

.consolidating order billing

.customer item

.customer item class

.customer item class/entity

.customer mail

.customer order

.customer order by entity

.customer order detail

.customer order/entity

.deposit, reviewing in order inquiry

.details, ship to

.exchange reason/offer

.Inventory Transaction History Report

.merchandising control summary

.operations control summary

.order line

.order line, reviewing in order inquiry

.order payment, reviewing in order inquiry

.PO detail

.PO receipts

.PO receipts, reviewing

.printing inventory transactions

.return reason codes, reviewing

.reviewing in order inquiry

.reviewing inventory transactions

.reviewing item warehouse

.ship to customers, totals

.ship to order/entity

.ship to/item

.system control values

.user option



.Hold Days for CC Netting (SCV M24)

.Hold Invoices for Multi-Recipient Orders (SCV G07)

.Hold Listing Default (SCV A40)

.hold reason codes, see order hold reason codes

.Hold Reason for Errored Ship to Store Orders (SCV L10)

.Hold Reason for Failed E-Commerce Maintenance Transactions (SCV H11)

.Hold Reason for Stored Value Cards with Insufficient Funds (SCV J18)

.home menu

.working with announcements






.image setup

.immediate credit card authorizations

.immediate reservation

.overview of

.reserving stock

.Immediate Reservation (SCV A64)

.Inbound Customer Search Message (CWCustomerInqRequest)

.Inbound Order Message

.incentive items, see promotional pricing

.Include All Customer Inquiry Triggers for DMT (SCV I09)

.Include Bulk Locations in Primary Primary Availability (SCV F87)

.Include Handling in Freight Charge Calculation (SCV D77)

.Include Non-Allocatable Warehouses (SCV I34)

.Include PO Estimated Charges in Receipt Cost Calculation (SCV G29)

.Include PO Updates (SCV J93)

.Include Print Quantity in Available Calculations (SCV A65)

.Include Secondary Locations in Primary Primary Availability (SCV F88)

.Include Spaces in Special Handling Edit for Maximum Characters (SCV F80)

.Include Special Handling in Alternate Shipping Charges by Via (SCV I03)

.Include Telephone Number in Customer Search (SCV I20)

.Include Weight of all Items in Freight by Order Weight (SCV G05)

.indicia, ship via

.initializing inventory balance

.initializing offers


.availability in order

.inventory (DINI)

.inventory, by item (IIQI)

.inventory, status (ISIQ)

.item availability in order entry

.order, see order inquiry

.pick slip generation

.pick slips, reviewing


.ship via/item

.vendor notes in PO

.inserts, package

.installment billing


.applying in order entry

.authorization service settings

.billing updates

.creating a plan

.order hold reason codes

.order inquiry

.processing deposits

.rejected deposits

.related reports


.secured features


.system control values

.working with options

.integration layer processes, about


.see interfaces

.interactive confirmation

.interactive reservation


.by item/SKU

.by warehouse

.reserving stock

.working with


.Avalara Avatax


.catalog requests


.customer inquiry

.customer search

.Cybersource point-to-point

.Experian Data Quality (EDQ) Address Validate API

.Marketing Download

.NCOA updates

.ORCE stored value card integration

.Order Broker

.order, generic

.outbound email, generic


.quantity price matrix pricing upload

.retail integration (external system into OROMS)

.return interface errors

.special pricing by source upload

.subscription extract

.vendor upload


.Internet Order Batch (Number Assignment A40)



.initializing before running the Inventory Control Report

.PO receiving options

.Inventory Control Report

.inventory download API

.inventory inquiry

.by item (IIQI)

.by item/warehouse and location (DINI)

.inventory inquiry API

.inventory inquiry, status (ISIQ)

.Inventory Receipt Exception Report

.inventory resets

.Inventory Sharing (SCV A69)

.Inventory Transaction Code for ’Sync’ Processing (SCV I85)

.Inventory Transaction History Report

.Inventory Transaction History Retention Days (SCV A24)

.inventory transactions

.automated across companies


.entering in immediate mode


.history, printing

.history, purging

.history, reviewing

.reason codes

.receipt exceptions report


.updates when using FIFO costing


.Inventory Valuation Report

.Invoice Consolidation Method (SCV E29)

.Invoice Cross Reference (Number Assignment A28)

.invoice cross references


.cross references


.extracting information for download

.reviewing in order inquiry

.IP address

.validation of



.hazard codes

.history by ship to customer

.history for customers

.on-hand by location, reviewing

.prices, see pricing

.reviewing open orders by item

.sales analysis


.volume discounting

.warehouse history, reviewing

.Item # (Number Assignment A34)

.item availability in order entry

.item categorization, overview

.item category codes

.item class


.customer history, reviewing

.history by entity/customer

.item offer overrides by

.restrictions by city

.restrictions by customer class

.restrictions special handling

.item coordinates, working with

.Item Creation Values (SCV J08)

.Item for Non-Merchandise Amounts (SCV L39)

.item images

.item keywords


.screen advancement at item creation

.selecting an item with

.item locations



.Item Number Cross Reference Program (SCV G40)

.item offers

.creating at initial item entry

.creating through MISO

.defining alternate currency price

.overrides by item class


.working with

.Item Purchase and Sales Aging Report

.Item Sales Analysis Report

.Item Status for Suppressing Item During Item Selection (SCV L21)

.Item Stock Status Report

.Item to Item Transfer ID # (Number Assignment A36)

.Item Upload Error Report

.Item Upload Processed Records Report

.Item Volume Discount (SCV B29)

.item warehouses


.resetting on-hand quantity

.resetting on-order quantity


.working with

.item/SKU comments


.reviewing in order inquiry

.item/SKU offers


.item/SKU offers, see also item offer or SKU offer




.adding to orders

.availability, in order inquiry


.category codes



.copying to shared companies



.freight exempt

.harmonize codes, updating

.hazardous item codes

.keyword exclusions

.keywords for selection

.keywords, see also item keywords

.long SKU classes

.long SKU departments

.on orders, reviewing in order inquiry

.screen flow when creating

.search options

.ship via overrides

.SKUs, overview

.status codes


.tax exemptions

.units of measure for

.upload, retail items

.warehouse assignments

.warehouse/locations, generating

.working with existing

.item-to-item transfers, see also inventory transactions



.JBoss logs

.JCP Deposit File Batch # (Number Assignment A32)

.JCP Deposit File Batch # (Number Assignment A33)

.Jenasys Properties file

.JMS provider

.job management

.job scheduler


.keywords, see item keywords

.kit makeup, working with


.Label 2-Up Printing Program (SCV C83)

.Label 3-Up Printing Program (SCV C84)

.Labels at PO Receipts (SCV C16)

.landed cost calculation, see also updating standard cost

.let down replenishment

.Let Down Replenishment (SCV C36)

.lines of business


.displaying order queue

.order queue summary

.processing credits

.setting up

.linked offers


.list source codes

.lists, working with warehouses


.Load Location into Pick Sequence (SCV G34)

.Load Order Header Source from Mailing History (SCV F05)

.Load Source from Mailing History (SCV D20)

.Local Currency Code (SCV A55)

.Location Capacity Method (SCV A31)

.location classes, working with

.Location Generation (Secured Feature A05)

.Location Types (SCV A28)



.pending, working with

.temporary, creating at PO receiving

.warehouse default, working with

.working with

.Log4j XML file

.Logging Properties file






.Log4j XML file

.logging level





.long running job email

.long running jobs monitor

.long SKU classes

.long SKU departments

.lost sales, capturing

.Loyalty Membership Activation Notification Email Program (SCV I82)

.Loyalty Membership Deactivation Notification Program (SCV I83)







.mail codes, working with

.mail history

.for customers

.Maintain Check Interface Download Date (Secured Feature A99)

.Maintain from within Inquiry (Secured Feature A16)

.Maintain Item Warehouse Minimum/Maximum Quantity (Secured Feature A92)

.Maintain Item Warehouse Retail Price (Secured Feature A91)

.Maintain Long SKU Values in MITM (Secured Feature B05)

.Maintain Order with Printed Quantity (secured feature J05)

.Maintain Originating Store # During Order Maintenance (Secured Feature B23)

.Maintain Sales Rep # During Order Maintenance (Secured Feature B22)

.maintaining item offers

.maintaining item/SKU/offers

.maintaining PO

.Maintenance of Bypass Credit Check Field in Source Code File (Secured Feature A87)

.Maintenance of Hold/Fraud/Bypass Flag (Secured Feature A57)

.maintenance, order, see order maintenance

.make up finished good, see also inventory transactions

.Manifest Audit Report

.sorted by batch date

.sorted by scan date/order number

.sorted by scan date/pick control number

.manifest log

.manifest pick request errors

.Manifest Properties file

.manifest properties file

.manifest ship request errors

.manifesting, PC, see PC manifesting

.manual confirmation

.manual credit card authorization

.Marketing Download Change of Address Interface Summary Report

.Marketing Download Customer Inquiry Interface Summary Report

.Marketing Download Customer Status Change Interface Report

.Marketing Download interface, about

.Marketing Download Order Detail Interface Summary Report

.Marketing Download Order Header Interface Summary Report

.Marketing Download Source Code Summary Report



.match codes, working with

.Maximum Life to Date Warranty Amount for Customer (SCV F98)

.Maximum Number of Multi Line Picks (SCV B40)

.Maximum Number of Retries on Credit Card Orders (SCV E74)

.Maximum Number of Single Line Picks (SCV B39)

.Maximum Number of Zones (SCV B41)

.Maximum Order Amount (SCV A92)

.Maximum Order Amount for E-Commerce Orders (SCV H54)

.Maximum Order Amount for Fraud Checking (SCV D24)

.maximum order line or quantity, in order maintenance

.Maximum Order Line Value (SCV E98)

.Maximum Order Quantity (SCV C60)

.Maximum Warranty Order Amount (SCV F97)


.MBS updates













.Membership Cancellation Email Program (SCV K77)



.customer memberships, working with

.entering in order entry

.expected orders report

.generating orders

.orders, releasing



.update program





.options, about

.Merchandise Locator Distance Measurement (SCV I39)

.merchandise locator option

.Merchandise Locator Values (SCV I37)

.Merchandise Only in Sales Feed (SCV L36)

.merchant ID messages

.when processing deposits

.merchant ID overrides, defining



.bill-to customers

.clearing status flag for sold-to customers


.sold-to customers


.Message log


.default order, order line

.order line in order inquiry

.pick slip

.PO detail

.PO detail, working with

.PO entry

.refunds, checks

.Method for Processing Overpayments in Order Entry (SCV D70)



.MICROS Integration Item ID (SCV L38)

.Minimum Item Price Eligible for Retail Pick Ticket (SCV I76)

.Minimum Number of Picks in a Cart (SCV B47)






.misship returns

.in order maintenance

.in return authorizations



.creating items

.working with existing items










.Modify Existing Messages (Secured Feature A30)

.Modulus 10 Check on Salesrep Number (SCV E88)


.monitor properties file




































.Multi Currency by Offer (SCV E03)

.Multiple Items in a Location (SCV C43)






.My Docs

.My Forms

.My Jobs


.NaBanco Batch # (Number Assignment A31)

.Name in OROB for Point of Sale (SCV L09)

.NCOA updates

.Negative Additional Charge Limit (SCV E49)

.negative quantity, performing a return in order entry using

.Net Credit Card Credits for Deferred and Installment Billing (SCV F55)

.Non-Inventory Entry (Secured Feature A09)

.non-inventory items

.package inserts

.set information


.non-primary location transfers, see also inventory transactions

.note types, customer



.vendor item, PO

.vendor, reviewing in PO inquiry

.Notify Properties file

.number assignments


.copying to companies

.listing of

.Number of Billing Async Jobs to Start (SCV F08)

.Number of Days Before PO Purge (SCV A58)

.Number of Days Flexible Payment Option is Used (SCV F53)

.Number of Days Since Last Order (SCV D26)

.Number of Days to Add for Accepted Delays (SCV E69)

.Number of Days to Delay Initial Backorder Notice (SCV D89)

.Number of Pick Control Labels (SCV D47)

.Number of Times Flexible Payment Option is Used (SCV F52)

.Number of Times Shipped to Same Address (SCV D25)


.O/E Hold, Release Order Lines (Secured Feature A46)




.Offer Price Sequence # (SCV A79)

.offer/ship via assignment



.alternate currency, defining

.dollar charts for

.dollar discounts for

.free gifts for



.working with




.On Hand by Vendor by Warehouse Screen

.On Hand by Warehouse Report

.On Line Authorizations (SCV B89)

.Online Auth Verification Only (SCV I96)

.Online Credit Card Authorization Listing

.online credit card authorizations

.open orders by item, reviewing

.Open PO’s by Vendor Report

.open POs for item

.periodic function to reset quantities


.Open Prepaid Order List


.Oracle Retail Order Broker

.Drop Ship Items Confirmed Cancellation report

.Drop Ship Items on Hold from Vendor report

.Drop Ship Items Pending Cancellation report

.Drop Ship Items Pending Shipment report

.Drop Ship Items Sent to Integrated System report

.Drop Ship Items Shipped report

.Drop Ship Items with Revised Due Date report

.inventory inquiry

.merchandise locator and store fulfillment

.Oracle Retail Order Broker’s Drop Ship Manager


.Oracle Retail Order Broker’s Supplier Direct Fulfillment module

.overview and setup

.ORCE Customer Integration (SCV L37)

.ORCE Integration Values (SCV L52)

.ORCE Loyalty Card Prefix (SCV M08)

.ORCE Loyalty Card Series Sequence Number (SCV M09)

.ORCE Loyalty Issue Awards/Points (secured feature J07)

.ORCE Loyalty Registration Notification Email Program (SCV M10)

.ORCE Organization Descriptor (SCV L50)


.Order Acknowledgement Program (SCV G50)

.Order Addition Report

.Order Batch (Number Assignment A01)

.order billing history


.detail, reviewing


.Order Billing History Consolidation Report

.Order Broker Error Batch Number (SCV K90)

.Order Broker Hold Reason (Cancel) (SCV L02)

.Order Broker Include Coordinate Grouped Orders (SCV K13)

.Order Broker Include Gift Orders (K14)

.Order Broker Include Ship Complete Orders (SCV K12)

.Order Broker integration

.Order Broker Payment Type (SCV K98)

.Order Broker Price Override (SCV K95)

.Order Broker Ship Via (SCV K94)

.Order Broker Source Code (SCV K93)

.Order Broker Status Update Interval (SCV K10)

.Order Broker Values (SCV K15)

.Order Cancellation Email Program (SCV K78)

.Order Cancellation List

.Order Control Report

.Order Control Summary Shipment Update Method (SCV I55)

.Order Count Report

.Order Count Report by Order Type

.Order Cross Reference (Number Assignment A27)

.Order Demand/Sales Reports

.order detail history by entity/customer

.Order Discount Percentage Limit (SCV D16)

.order entry


.additional charges

.batching, defining controls for a batch

.batching, screen differences for

.batching, see also batch order entry

.billing addresses

.companies, scanning

.coordinate items

.credit cards, deactivating

.customers, selecting


.deferred billing, assigning

.displaying more options

.end-of-order repricing

.exchanges, posting

.generic order interface

.gross profit, determining for an item in OE

.header format

.installment billing, assigning

.item availability

.items, adding

.items, changing

.items, selecting before

.lost sales, capturing

.messages, order

.messages, order line

.order summary

.payment plans, assigning

.payments, adding

.payments, changing

.paytypes, default


.recap, payments

.recipients, adding

.recipients, copying items to

.recipients, switching to


.returns, posting

.set items

.ship to properties

.shipping addresses

.shipping addresses, permanent

.SKUs, differences in

.special handling

.subscription items



.warranty items

.Order Header (Number Assignment A05)

.order header, in order maintenance

.order history

.by entity/customer

.customers, reviewing

.details, ship to

.for customers

.reviewing in order inquiry

.ship to customers, by entity

.ship to customers, totals

.order history API, see customer history API

.order hold reason codes


.authority hierarchy

.for deferred/installment billing

.setting authority for user classes

.setting authority for users

.working with

.Order Hold Reason Release Authority (Secured Feature A77)

.order inquiry

.additional charges

.advancement options in

.authorization history


.deferred/installment billing order, for

.deposit history

.detail information

.financial information, options in

.header information


.item availability

.item details

.item/SKU comments

.order dates

.order history

.order line history

.order line messages

.order payment methods

.order pricing

.order properties

.order quantities

.order summary

.order totals in alternate currency

.order totals in foreign currency

.payment history

.reason codes


.reserved order lines in

.selecting an order

.special handling

.special handling, custom


.zone reservation dates

.order inquiry API, see customer history API

.order inquiry reason codes

.Order Line Cancellation Email Program (SCV K79)

.order line history, reviewing in order inquiry

.order line messages in order inquiry

.order maintenance


.adding items

.canceling items

.canceling orders

.changing payment methods

.confirm quantity/line value override

.deactivating payment methods

.deferred/installment billing changes in

.detail screen


.exchanging items

.increasing the quantity of items

.items in

.maximum order line quantity or value

.order header

.overriding maximum quantity/line value

.recipient orders in

.returning items

.returning the entire order

.selecting an order

.Order Maintenance Access (Secured Feature A22)

.Order Maintenance Confirmation E-Mail Program (SCV H12)

.Order Number Download (Number Assignment A47)

.order payment history, reviewing in order inquiry

.order processing ASYNC

.Order Promotion Analysis Report

.Order Purge Days (SCV C62)

.Order Reconciliation Report

.Order Shipment Analysis

.order status

.credit card cancellations

.returns, use in

.Order Summary Print Program (SCV K31)

.order summary, reviewing in order inquiry

.order totals, reviewing

.Order Type for Delivery Orders Originating in OROMS (SCV M33)

.Order Type for Orders Brokered for Delivery (SCV K91)

.Order Type for Retail Pickup Orders Brokered to OROMS (SCV K92)

.Order Type for Retail Pickup Orders Originating in OROMS (SCV M35)

.Order Type for Special Orders (SCV L15)

.Order Type Summary by Delivery Type Report

.Order Type to Process as Catalog Request/Item Samples (SCV E08)

.order types


.activity, reviewing

.drop ship, processing by batch


.membership, generating

.operations summary, displaying

.Purged Order List


.purging suspended

.related files

.releasing from time hold

.stranded, unlocking

.Orders Released from Time Hold Report



.Originating Location to Pass to OROB (SCV M32)

.OROB Account (SCV K49)

.OROB Default Location (SCV K51)

.OROB Default Location Code for Unfulfillable Orders (SCV K56)

.OROB Product Code ID (SCV K66)

.OROB System (SCV K50)


.background job error listing

.status messages

.Outbound Customer Search Response (CWCustomerInqResponse)

.outbound email API

.Outbound email XML message (CWEmailOut)

.Outbound Interface Trigger File Purge Days (SCV I14)

.Outlet Transfer (Number Assignment A38)

.Over Receipt % (SCV A61)

.overages, PO


.receiving on POs

.Override Deferred And Installment Billing Options (Secured Feature A81)

.Override Freight on Quote Conversion (SCV K76)

.Override Negative Additional Charge Limit (Secured Feature A60)

.Override Offer on Order Detail Line (SCV D49)

.Override Offer/Page/Alias on Order Detail (SCV E72)

.Override One Time Use Promotion (secured feature J08)

.Override PO Cost (Secured Feature A17)

.Override Price Override Limit (Secured Feature A64)

.Override Tolerance (Secured Feature A18)

.Override Vendor’s Discount Percentage (Secured Feature A10)




.Pack Slip Print Program (SCV K32)

.package insert processing

.Packer Productivity Purge Days (SCV K33)



.Pass Entity Code to Tax Interface (SCV F69)


.pay plan


.applying in order entry

.authorization service settings

.billing updates


.order hold reason codes

.order inquiry

.processing deposits

.rejected deposits

.related reports


.secured features


.system control values

.working with options

.Pay Type for Special Orders (SCV L16)

.pay types


.charging against

.Held Orders by Pay Type Report

.payment methods

.changing in order maintenance

.deactivating in order maintenance

.entering in order maintenance

.reviewing in order inquiry


.direct connection integration




.PC Manifest interface setup

.PC manifesting




.message flow


.purging unused pick control label records







.PCH Billing Batch # (Number Assignment A13)

.PCH Control # (Number Assignment A15)










.pending locations, working with

.Pending Payment Plan Deposits Report

.Pending Putaway Due Date Days (SCV G92)

.pending putaway warehouse

.Perform Address Standardization in Customer API (SCV I99)

.Perform Authorization Reversal during Deposit Processing (SCV J20)

.Perform Balance Inquiry during Batch Authorizations (SCV J19)

.Perform Source Pricing Validation (SCV D62)

.periodic functions

.assigning to processes

.working with

.Periodic Process History Purge Days (SCV L77)

.periodic processes

.assigning functions to



.setting parameters

.working with




.Phone Errors Report

.Phone Interface Values (SCV F70)

.Phone Numbers (SCV D15)

.Phone Order Batch Totals Report



.physical inventory

.item status codes for

.upload, default options

.pick control detail, displaying

.pick control header, displaying

.pick control label records, purging

.Pick In API

.Pick Label Print Program (SCV F28)

.pick labels, printing additional

.Pick Printing Program (SCV C37)

.Pick Processing Days (SCV B37)

.pick slip generation

.cart/bin picking


.let down replenishment

.printing additional pick labels

.reviewing authorizations


.Pick Slip Generation Options # (Number Assignment A14)

.pick slip preparation

.applying to an order

.converting orders to


.removing from an order

.selecting order lines for


.when performed

.pick slips

.accepting and rejecting

.confirm or void through Pick In API


.pick control detail lines

.printing additional labels

.reprinting and voiding


.voiding by batch

.Pick Sort Program Name (SCV C65)

.Pick Unit Report

.Pickable Setting for Analyzing Replenishment Locations (SCV G63)

.PICKRFH Pick Gen Refresh periodic function






.PkMS Case Number (Number Assignment A43)

.PkMS Immediate Need Control Number (Number Assignment A69)

.PkMS Pick Number (Number Assignment A42)



.detail history, reviewing

.labels, printing



.receipts history, reviewing

.PO additional charges

.PO Auto Cancel Report

.PO entry

.detail messages

.entering overrides

.FOB address



.vendor item notes

.PO Expected Delivery Report

.PO for item

.open, reviewing

.periodic function to reset open quantities

.PO Header (Number Assignment A04)

.PO inquiry

.actual charges

.detail charges

.FOB address


.header history

.line history


.reviewing detail

.vendor notes

.PO maintenance

.copying POs

.selecting POs

.PO Print Program (SCV C64)

.PO Print Program for PO Print in PO Sequence (SCV C76)

.PO Receipt Control (Number Assignment A06)

.PO Receipt Detail Entry Method (SCV A63)

.PO Receipt In XML (CWReceiptIn)

.PO receiving


.adding lines

.changing detail


.creating temporary locations

.detail messages, working with

.detail receiving methods

.entering serial numbers

.exchange rate, changing

.messages, working with

.overages or underages

.process through the purchase order receipt in API

.reviewing prior receipts

.selecting locations

.selecting POs for receipt

.vendor notes, working with

.working with header and detail

.PO ship via




.PO’s by Vendor Report, Open









.Populate Marketing Download Trigger File (SCV G33)

.Populate Ship Status for EmailOut XML (SCV L61)


.receiving POs

.selecting POs




.in transit

.overages and underages


.receipt cost summary

.POS integration

.customer history

.customer inquiry (search)

.generic order interface

.inventory download

.inventory inquiry

.inventory transaction upload

.merchandise locator and store fulfillment

.POs, faxing

.by range

.POs, printing

.by range


.Position Cursor on Offer Field in Order Entry/Maintenance (SCV F91)

.Position of SKU Element 1 in Order Entry/Maintenance (SCV A42)

.Position of SKU Element 2 in Order Entry/Maintenance (SCV A43)

.Position of SKU Element 3 in Order Entry/Maintenance (SCV A44)

.Postal Code Scan Length (SCV F61)

.postal codes

.formats and validation

.setting up tax rates for

.updating by range


.working with





.Preauthorize Backorders (SCV D32)

.prefix codes, working with

.pre-generated picks

.Preload Deposits (SCV L78)

.premium items

.free gifts by offer

.free gifts by source

.in order maintenance

.pre-order quotes, see also quotes


.billing and processing deposits

.purging credit card deposits

.Prevent Storing the Customer’s Last CC# and Exp Date (J86)

.price breaks, see pricing

.price codes


.working with

.Price Codes (SCV D93)

.Price Override Code for Promotional Priced Lines (SCV B61)

.Price Override Limit Percent (SCV E55)

.Price Override Reason Code for CPG Pricing (SCV L59)

.price override reason codes

.Price Override Reason for E-Commerce (SCV G73)

.Price Override Reason for Price Matrix Customer Specials (SCV K42)

.Price Override Reason for Promotions (SCV K45)

.Price Override Reason for Quotes (SCV K75)

.Price Override Reason for Same Price Exchanges (SCV D92)

.Price Override Reason for SVC Refund Item (SCV I74)

.Price Override Reason Report

.Price Overrides (Secured Feature A23)

.Price Table Level Override Code (SCV E05)

.Price Table Sequence # (SCV E06)

.price tables

.groups, working with

.in order maintenance

.items, working with

.working with

.Price Tables (SCV E07)

.Price Ticket Print Program (SCV F46)

.price tickets


.alternate currency


.dollar discounts for offer

.items, in order inquiry

.price codes, assigning

.price codes, working with

.price tables

.price tickets


.quantity price matrix

.special pricing by source in Work with Source Codes

.special pricing by source, in Work with Items

.special pricing by source, menu option

.special pricing by source, report

.updating SKU offer

.working with by item/offer or SKU/offer

.Pricing Values (SCV B31)

.primary locations

.selecting for pick slip generation

.Primary SKU Element (SCV A34)

.Print Amounts on Drop Ship Picks (SCV C81)

.Print Batch Pull Sheet Item Summary (SCV C59)

.Print Credit Card Credit Acknowledgments (SCV C35)

.Print Drop Ship Invoice at Time of Purchase Order Receiving (SCV F10)

.Print Entity Image (SCV K35)

.Print One Drop Ship Invoice per Ship Alone Item (SCV E38)

.Print Order Reconciliation Report

.Print Warehouse Address on Pick Slips (SCV D60)


.Processed Refund Register

.processing deposits

.for deferred/installment billing

.merchant ID messages

.Product Classification for Fraud Scoring (SCV M15)

.profiles, customer


.working with

.projected returns to fulfill backorders, withholding from soldouts

.promotional pricing



.See also pricing

.working with


.working with

.Prompt for Mandatory Demographics in Order Maintenance (SCV E60)

.Prompt to Join Loyalty (SCV M07)


.properties, order, reviewing in order inquiry


.Prorate Dollar Discounts and Coupons (SCV D90)

.Prorate Freight Charges (SCV D39)













.Purchase Order Auto Cancel Report

.Purchase Order Purge Listing

.purchase order receipt in API

.Purchase Order sample

.purchase orders


.Purchase Orders in Docked Status Report






.Purged Order List

.Purged SKU List


.Active Procedures

.existing price tickets

.inventory transaction history

.item locations

.order billing history


.pick control label records

.prestige credit card deposits

.printed catalog requests

.purchase orders

.Purged Order List

.refund checks



.suspended orders

.unused pick control label records, PC manifesting



.QAS Address Interface Values (SCV I66)

.quantities, order, in order inquiry

.quantity available calculation

.Quantity Available Threshold for Inventory Downloads (SCV G36)

.Quantity Break by SKU Sequence # (SCV A80)

.Quantity Break/Item (SCV A87)

.Quantity Price Matrix Hierarchy Sequence # (SCV K40)

.quantity price matrix pricing


.uploading from external system

.Quantity Price Matrix Pricing (SCV K41)

.Quantity Required for Purchase Order SKU Scanning (SCV F15)

.Quote Confirmation Email Program (SCV K74)

.Quote form

.Quote Printing Program (SCV K73)









.RA Header # (Number Assignment A17)

.Random Stock Location Assignment Sequence (SCV A30)

.Random Stock Location Usage (SCV A29)


.reason codes




.order inquiry


.Receipt Cost Summary Report

.Receipt of Non-Inventory Item (Secured Feature A19)

.Receive All Permission (secured feature B21)

.recency codes, working with

.recipients, in order maintenance

.reconciling refund checks

.Record Deleted from RI Item Upload Report




.Refund Additional Charge Default for Inbound Returns (SCV H60)

.Refund Check # (Number Assignment A18)

.Refund Check Print Program (SCV D23)

.Refund Due List

.Refund Duty Default for Inbound Returns (SCV H62)

.Refund Freight Default for Inbound Returns (SCV H59)

.Refund Handling Default for Inbound Returns (H61)




.acknowledgements, printing

.changing status


.checks, messages on

.credits, printing

.how pay type determines refund type


.processing by order number

.purging checks

.reconciling checks



.reviewing in order inquiry

.stored value cards, generating

.using the refund due list

.working with

.regional settings

.Reject Duplicate Web Orders (SCV K64)

.Rejected Batch Listing

.rejected deposits

.for deferred/installment billing


.releasing membership orders

.releasing orders from time hold

.Remove Stored Value Card Number After Activation (SCV J22)

.removing offers and items from e-commerce download

.Replenish from Location Type (SCV A66)

.Replenishment Label Program Name (SCV F20)

.Replenishment Report Program Name (SCV E47)

.replenishment, primary location

.pick slip generation, and

.replenishment, warehouse

.default warehouse locations for

.Re-Polling for Orders Brokered to OROMS (SCV L04)

.Reprint Pick Slips (Secured Feature A33)


.pick slips

.refund checks


.Require Credit Card Token (SCV L40)

.Require Customer Class in OE, WCAT, and WCST (SCV H85)

.Require Entity in Item File (SCV G44)

.Require Exchange Item at Time of Receipt (SCV F42)

.Require Item Class in Work with Items (SCV F06)

.Require L/S Class (SCV I93)

.Require L/S Department (SCV I92)

.Require L/S Style (SCV I94)

.Require Last Name/Postal Code in Customer History Request (SCV L76)

.Require Long SKU Division with Long SKU Department (SCV E85)

.Require Phone Number in Order Entry/Order Maintenance (SCV H01)

.Require Reason for Lines Added in Order Maintenance (SCV D75)

.Require Reason in CTI (SCV G98)

.Require Salesrep Number in Order Entry/Order Maintenance (SCV E87)

.Require Sort Sequence Number in the SKU File (SCV F23)

.resequencing SKU collating sequence number



.coordinate group items

.drop ship items

.finished good orders

.immediate, about

.immediate, reserving stock with

.interactive by item/SKU

.interactive by warehouse

.interactive, about

.interactive, reserving stock

.interactive, working with

.reviewing types

.set orders

.special handling items

.variable set orders

.Reservation Lead Days (SCV B27)

.Reserve from Non-Allocatable Warehouse (SCV J25)

.Reserve within PICK_IN Processing (SCV L79)

.reserved order lines, reviewing in order inquiry






.backorder quantities

.inventory levels

.item warehouse on-hand quantity

.on-order quantity

.printed quantities

.reserved quantities

.SKU open, held, D/S quantity

.response log

.responses, defining for custom special handling format

.restarting Oracle Retail Order Management System

.Restrict Access to Credit Card Numbers in Order Inquiry and Order Maintenance (Secured Feature A88)

.Restrict Additional Charge Amount if Default Charge (SCV F43)

.Restrict SKU Scan by Offer (SCV H34)

.resubmitting rejected deposits


.integration (external system into OROMS), about

.retail brands

.retail integration (external system into CWDirect)


.conversion programs

.item upload, see retail item upload


.retail integration (external system into OROMS)


.retail item upload




.conversion programs

.errors, working with

.Item Upload Error Report

.Item Upload Processed Records Report



.Record Deleted from RI Item Upload Report


.RI_UPLD job


.Retail Order Cross Reference Report

.Retail Order Defaults (SCV F59)

.retail price changes

.conversion programs



.Retain Backordered Lines Brokered to OROMS (SCV K89)

.Retain Unused Stored Value Card Authorization After Deposit (SCV J21)

.Return Authorization Outbound XML Message (CWReturnRAOut)

.return authorizations




.selecting orders

.standard process

.streamlined process

.Return Confirmation E-Mail Program (SCV H53)

.Return Disposition Authority (Secured Feature A83)

.Return Disposition Code to Exclude in ORCE Sales Feed (SCV M22)

.return disposition codes

.authority hierarchy for

.setting user authority for

.setting user class authority for

.working with

.return error display screen

.Return Grace Period (SCV B52)

.return interface errors

.return outbound API

.return reason codes

.reviewing history

.working with

.return to vendor

.See also inventory transactions



.completing, in order maintenance

.entering, in order entry

.entire order, in order maintenance

.for deferred/installment billing orders

.interface errors

.order maintenance, about

.posting through order entry

.posting with a negative quantity

.projected, to fulfill backorders

.receiving, in generic return API

.receiving, in order maintenance

.see also return authorizations














.Sales Journal by Currency Report

.Sales Journal by Division

.Sales Journal by Pay Type

.Sales Journal Errors Report

.Sales Journal Summary

.sales representatives, about

.Sales Summary Screen

.Salesman Demand Report

.salesmen, about

.Sample Credit Card Credit Acknowledgement XML Message


.Save Listing Default (SCV A41)

.Scan Non-Inventory Items (SCV K34)

.SCF code

.SCF tax rates

.SCF/ship via

.editing multiple values

.setting up values

.scheduling jobs


.Prevent Storing the Customer’s Last CC# and Exp Date (J86)

.SCVs, see SCV title


.Search Active Offers for Price (SCV F95)

.Search Promotions by Start Date in Order Entry (SCV M27)


.use in zone reservation

.working with


.Second Compatibility Code used to Trigger SKU Blocking (SCV K84)

.Second Location Type (SCV E43)

.sectional center facility codes

.secured features


.copying to companies

.listing of

.See also secured feature title

.security shell components



.Sell Out Set if Component is Sold Out (SCV I05)

.Send B/O to OROB (SCV K08)

.Send Data for Level II Discounting (SCV I12)

.Send Held Orders to OROB (SCV M18)

.Send Inventory by Warehouse to OROB (SCV L06)

.Send Profile Data to ORCE (SCV L51)

.Send Shipment Confirmation from Billing (SCV L98)

.Send Tax to Tax Interface as Quote Not Invoice (SCV L11)

.serial numbers

.entering at PO receipts

.service charges

.dollar chart by offer

.dollar chart by source

.Set Component Maintenance (Secured Feature J01)



.finished good (type F), setting up

.reserving inventory for orders

.S type, setting up

.variable (type V), setting up

.Ship Complete for Orders Brokered to OROMS (SCV L01)

.Ship Complete from 1 Warehouse (SCV B16)

.ship via codes

.ship via dollar limit to hold authorization

.ship via history

.Ship Via Priority for Ship To Mismatch (SCV L71)

.ship via, PO

.Ship Via/Item Reports

.Shipment Confirmation Program (SCV G51)

.Shipment Summary Report


.confirming for e-commerce orders

.confirming interactively

.confirming manually

.confirming through Pick In API

.shipper/item charges


.best way shipping

.displaying ship via history

.dollar chart by ship via

.freight by order weight

.offer/ship via assignment

.overriding assignment by offer, source code, dollar total or SCF

.overriding in order entry with Alternate Shipping Charges by Via window

.SCF/ship via values

.SCF/ship via, editing multiple values of

.ship via codes, working with

.ship via indicia

.ship via override hierarchy

.shipper/item charges

.shipping rates, working with

.weight charges by ship via

.zip/ship via

.shipping charges, freight methods table

.shipping zone reservation


.date windows, creating

.geographic zones, creating

.overriding zone reservation rules

.pop-up windows in order entry


.zone reservation codes, creating

.zone reservation dates, creating

.ship-to customers

.Short SKU (Number Assignment A12)

.SKU Element 1 Name (SCV A14)

.SKU Element 2 Name (SCV A15)

.SKU Element 3 Name (SCV A16)

.SKU Element Description 1 (SCV G37)

.SKU Element Description 2 (SCV G38)

.SKU Element Description 3 (SCV G39)

.SKU Element for Auto Linking Coordinates (SCV F39)

.SKU Element for Order Entry Filtering (SCV F40)

.SKU elements, creating

.SKU generator

.SKU groups



.SKU offers


.creating at initial item entry

.creating through MISO

.defining alternate currency price


.updating prices

.working with

.SKU prices, see pricing

.SKU Purge Days (SCV F11)

.SKU Quick Price Update Number (Number Assignment A57)




.collating sequence number

.creating at initial item entry

.creating through SKU generator

.cross reference codes


.elements, creating

.order of appearance, controlling

.Purge SKU List


.resetting open, held, D/S quantity

.sort sequence numbers

.split, overview (see also split SKUs)




.Sold Out Retention Method (SCV E63)

.Sold to Address Update for Orders Brokered to OROMS (SCV K97)

.Sold to Email Update for Orders Brokered to OROMS (SCV K96)

.soldout controls, working with

.Soldout Notification Print Program (SCV E75)

.soldout notifications, printing

.soldouts, processing

.sold-to customers, see customers

.Sort Pick Slips by Gift Flag (SCV D53)

.Sort Picks by Foreign/Domestic Flag (SCV D54)

.Sort Picks by Pick Sequence (SCV E89)

.Sort Source Codes Prompt by Description in Order Entry (SCV F67)

.Source Code Auto Retrieval Value (SCV H82)

.Source Code Upload File Exception Report

.Source Code Upload File Processed Listing

.source codes



.dollar chart for

.free gifts for

.list codes

.reviewing history

.special pricing for

.special pricing for, menu option


.working with

.Source Shipped Report



.Special by Source Sequence # (SCV A82)

.special handling

.adding in order entry

.custom, setting up for item/offer or SKU offer

.item reserving

.reviewing in order inquiry

.special handling formats, custom

.special pricing by source


.uploading from external system

.Split Line Over Multi Warehouse (SCV B19)

.Split SKU Element 1 Column Heading (SCV A52)

.Split SKU Element 2 Column Heading (SCV A53)

.Split SKU Element 3 Column Heading (SCV A54)

.Split SKU Values (SCV B32)

.split SKUs

.elements, working with

.overview and setup

.Split Special Handling Picks (SCV L44)




.staging warehouses

.default locations

.Standard Cost Updates Report

.standard cost, updating

.Standard Sales Journal

.State Tax Detail Report

.State Tax Report


.customer tax exemptions

.defining for countries

.Status Message for E-Commerce Partial Reserved Lines (SCV G52)

.status messages

.billing ASYNC

.other ASYNC

.Status Report, Item Stock

.Stock Status Report, Item

.store fulfillment integration

.Store Pickup Confirmation Email Program (SCV L48)

.Stored Value Card Activation Authorization Service (SCV I26)

.Stored Value Card Activation Pricing Method (SCV I25)

.Stored Value Card Assignment Errors Report

.Stored Value Card Email Notification Program (SCV I30)

.Stored Value Card Modulus Checking Method (SCV I24)

.Stored Value Card Processing Values (SCV I71)

.stored value cards


.activation email

.authorization reversals

.balance inquiry

.Customer Engagement integration

.number assignment


.processing SVC triggers



.stranded orders or batches, unlocking

.streamlined allocation

.streamlined order inquiry

.streamlined return authorizations

.Sub Page Entry (SCV E99)

.Submit O/M Cancel Asynchronously (SCV M36)





.customer, working with

.generating an extract file


.Substitute Item Processing List

.suggest location placement


.suggest warehouse placement


.Suggest Warehouse Placement (SCV A27)

.Suggest Warehouse Placement (SCV C44)

.summary, PO

.Supplier Direct Fulfillment

.backorder notice processing

.cancelling drop ship orders

.CDC ASYNC and CDC batch jobs

.changing address and cost information

.creating and sending drop ship orders


.special handling

.system control values for

.support notifications

.Suppress Email Address Search (SCV J09)

.Suppress Order Confirmations for Orders in Error (SCV K09)

.Suppress Returns for Retail Pickup/Delivery (SCV L88)


.suspended orders


.Rejected Batch Listing


.placement, about

.placing suspended stock

.receiving POs into

.Suspense Placement Work (Number Assignment A09)


.system control file components

.system control values

.by application area

.copying to companies



.overrides by entity



.customer exemptions

.customer, about

.rates for an SCF

.status, customer

.tax jurisdiction by postal code

.tax-inclusive pricing

.tax exempt items



.Tax Included in Price (SCV E70)

.Tax Inclusive Cutoff Date (SCV E79)

.Tax Jurisdiction Report

.Tax on Freight (SCV B14)

.Tax on Handling (SCV B15)

.tax rates, about

.tax-inclusive pricing, see VAT

.telephone number formats, defining for countries

.templates, email



.temporary locations, creating at PO receiving

.Third Location Type (SCV E44)

.Third Phone Number Type (SCV L53)

.Threshold Monitor Interval (SCV H90)



.actual values, updating

.monitor breach email

.system delivered values

.Tickler Number (Number Assignment A72)

.ticklers, see workflow management

.tiered discount calculation

.Time Limit for Suspended E-Commerce Orders (SCV G43)

.Tokenization IJCT Job (SCV L41)

.trace log

.Track Customer History at Entity Level (SCV F89)

.Track Invoice Currency (SCV D68)

.Transaction Sequence Number (Number Assignment A68)


.See also inventory transactions

.transit, POs

.Type of Location to Search First (SCV C40)

.Type of Location to Search First in Replenishment (SCV G64)

.Type of Location to Search Second (SCV C41)

.Type of Location to Search Second in Replenishment (G65)

.Type of Location to Search Third (SCV C42)

.Type of Location to Search Third in Replenishment (SCV G66)


.Unactivated Stored Value Card Report

.Unconditional Suppression of Backorder Card (SCV F19)

.Unconfirmed Deposits Listing

.Under Receipt % (SCV A62)

.underages, PO


.receiving on POs

.units of measure

.units of measure, conversion

.Unlock purchase orders

.unlocking stranded orders or batches

.Unmatched Email Status Report

.Unmatched Reserved/Remaining Qty Report

.unrouted emails, working with

.Unused Pick Label Purge Days (SCV K83)


.UPC codes, assigning to items

.Update a Bill To Address with Sold To Address Changes (SCV E13)

.Update All Ticklers (Secured Feature B09)

.Update CTI Customer Call Log (SCV F27)

.Update Demand for Order Maintenance Transactions (SCV C72)

.Update Existing Purchase Order Messages (Secured Feature A13)

.Update Existing Vendor Notes (Secured Feature A14)

.Update of Current Source Code in Customer File (SCV D08)

.Update Original Source Code for Recipient Customers (SCV F90)

.Update Primary Primary Location for Item During Receiving (SCV I35)


.addresses through MBS upload

.bill-to customer with sold-to changes

.email domains

.harmonize codes

.item/SKU offers


.postal codes, by range

.standard cost

.threshold actual values




.postal code

.quantity price matrix pricing

.retail item

.special pricing by source




.item coordinates

.order entry

.Use Alternate Currency Pricing (SCV H89)

.Use Alternate Zone Reservation Logic (SCV I52)

.Use Async Start Date for Billing Transactions (SCV E95)

.Use Auto Authorization Interface (SCV C14)

.Use Business Days When Calculating Expected Delivery Date (SCV K38)

.Use Cart/Bin Picking? (SCV B38)

.Use CC Net Exchange Billing (SCV M23)

.Use Computer Telephony Integration (SCV F26)

.Use Credit Card Encryption (SCV I97)

.Use Credit Card Level III Discounting (SCV L47)

.Use Credit Card Tokenization (SCV L18)

.Use Credit Card Vendor Response Entity Ship Via Dollar Limits (SCV F94)

.Use Default Current Source Code (SCV C46)

.Use Deferred and Installment Billing (SCV F51)

.Use External Item Image (SCV L55)

.Use Generic Tax XML Interface (SCV J10)

.Use Gift Card Fraud Checking (SCV L72)

.Use Inventory Sharing Backorder Evaluation (SCV I80)

.Use Item Freight Exemption File (SCV E73)

.Use Loyalty Membership Program (SCV I81)

.Use Merchandise Locator (SCV I38)

.Use ORCE Loyalty (SCV M06)

.Use ORCE Wish List (SCV M26)

.Use OROB Drop Shipping (H13)

.Use OROB for Fulfillment Assignment (SCV M31)

.Use OROB for Ship for Pickup Fulfillment Assignment (SCV M34)

.Use QAS Address Interface (SCV I67)

.Use Retail Integration (SCV H26)

.Use Retail Store File (SCV G15)

.Use Source Code from Order Header when Creating Order Lines (SCV D73)

.Use Split Order (L56)

.Use Stored Value Card Batch Processing (SCV I50)

.Use Streamlined Allocation (SCV L63)

.Use Streamlined Return Authorizations (SCV F44)

.Use Streamlined Stored Value Card Billing (SCV I23)

.Use WMS Integration (K25)

.Use Work Order Processing (SCV E37)

.Use Workflow Management (SCV H96)

.Use Zip/City/State Defaulting (SCV B13)

.user classes


.company authority

.menu option authority

.secure feature authority

.vendor authority

.User Defined Modulus Check Program (SCV E94)

.user edit points

.user exit points

.User-Defined Field Prompting for Existing Customers (SCV D33)

.user-defined fields


.working with



.company authority

.menu option authority

.secure feature authority

.user option history


.Validate Prefix (SCV I27)

.Validate Primary Locations for Purchase Orders (SCV E19)

.van delivery, overview

.variable sets

.component item usage report

.reserving inventory for orders

.setting up


.customer tax exemptions for

.determining when to apply

.vendor discount calculation



.vendor extended

.vendor FOB address

.vendor history, reviewing

.vendor items

.assigning additional charges to

.charges, working with

.notes, PO

.performing multiple updates

.price breaks for

.reviewing history

.updating standard cost

.working with

.Vendor Name Display (SCV D41)

.vendor notes

.at PO receiving

.reviewing in PO inquiry

.Vendor Number (Number Assignment A58)

.vendor pay type codes, defining for authorization services

.vendor response codes, defining for authorizations

.Vendor Upload Error Report

.Vendor/PO Discount Values (SCV E18)



.discounts, defining




.Verify Inventory Sharing Report



.tax calculation


.volume discounts for item







.Warehouse Cutoff Time (SCV K39)

.warehouse list

.warehouse management system integration

.outbound return API


.Warehouse Replenishment Label Program (SCV F57)

.Warehouse Replenishment Pick Worksheet Print Program (SCV G25)

.Warehouse/Reservation Values (SCV B50)


.default locations

.devices, working with

.inventory control report

.item warehouses, working with

.lists, working with

.pending putaway

.reserve warehouse hierarchy

.working with

.warranties, for customers


































.web service, authentication

.web service, CWReceiptIn

.weight charges by ship via

.weight tables, for freight by order weight charges
















.Where Kit Component Item Used Report

.Where Set Component Item Used Report

.Where Variable Set Component Used Report










.Withhold Picks due to Item Allocation Error (SCV F04)


























.Work Order Error Listing

.Work Order Ticket

.Work Order Values (SCV E41)

.work orders, finished good processing

.Work with Customer Order Item History Screen

.Work with PO Receipt Errors (WPRE)

.workflow management



.tickler categories

.tickler events

.tickler notification emails

.tickler reassignment emails

.tickler resolution reasons

.tickler user groups

.ticklers, creating


.Working with Pick Invoice Errors (WPIE)


































.Write Order Messages for Membership Rotation (SCV K04)

.Write Outbound Email to Email Repository (SCV H99)
























































.XML Message Layouts

.Pick In (CWPickIn)

.XML message layouts

.Authorization Request (CWAuthorizationRequest)

.Authorization Response (CWAuthorizationResponse)

.Customer History Request (CWCustHistIn)

.Customer History Response (CWCustHistOut)

.Deposit Request (CWDepositRequest)

.Deposit Response (CWDepositResponse)

.Detailed Order Inquiry Response (CWOrderOut)

.detailed order response (CWORDEROUT)

.E-Commerce Cancel Request (CWCancel)

.E-Commerce Catalog Request (CWCatRequest)

.E-Commerce Catalog Request Response (CWCatreqResponse)

.Email (CWEmail)

.generic inbound order

.Inbound Customer (CWCustomerIn)

.Inbound Customer Search (CWCustomerInqRequest)

.Inventory Download (CWInventoryDownload)

.Inventory Inquiry Request (CWInventoryInquiry)

.Inventory Inquiry Response (CWInventoryInquiryResponse)

.Inventory Transaction Upload (inCreateInvXaction)

.Invoice Download (CWInvoiceOut)

.Item Download (CWItemOut)

.Manifest Pick Request (CWManifestPickRequest)

.Manifest Ship Request (CWManifestShipRequest)

.Manifest Ship Response (CWManifestShipResponse)

.order acknowledgement (CWORDEROUT)

.Outbound Customer Response (CWCustomerOut)

.Outbound Customer Search Response (CWCustomerInqResponse)

.Outbound Email (CWEmailOut)

.Pick Message from OROMS (CWPickOut)

.PO Receipt In (CWReceiptIn)

.Return Request (CWReturnIn)

.Return Response (CWReturnOut)

.Summary Order Inquiry Response (CWOrderOut)

.Vendor Download (CWVendorOut)

.Workflow (CWWorkflow)

.XML versions, about


.zip codes, see postal codes

.zip/ship via

.zone reservation


.date windows, creating

.dates, reviewing in order inquiry

.geographic zones, creating

.overriding zone reservation rules

.pop-up windows in order entry


.seasons, about

.zone reservation codes, creating

.zone reservation dates, creating

.zone skipping


.geographic, about

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