Generate Backorder Notices (GBOC)

Use the Generate Backorder Notifications function to generate notices (cards, emails, or the Outbound Email XML Message (CWEmailOut)) informing customers when backordered items are expected to ship. The function automatically generates an initial (first) backorder notice if you select the Immediate B/O notice field at the Create Order Type Screen.

If you have defined a Number of Days to Delay Initial Backorder Notice (D89) in the System Control table, the system does not generate a notice for a backordered item unless you do not expect to ship the item until after the defined delay period.

Note: Once an expected delivery date for a backordered item is expired or changed, the system automatically generates a backorder notice, regardless of the value in the Immediate B/O notice field.

Typically, you would want to notify customers immediately about backordered items if they place an order through the mail or fax; you can inform customers who order by phone at the time you take their orders if an item they want is currently backordered.

Order Broker: If an order line is assigned to the Order Broker for fulfillment, this option does not generate backorder notices for the order line while the Order Broker request is in process; however, if the Order Broker cannot fulfill the order, the order line returns to standard backorder processing and is eligible for backorder notice generation.

See the Order Broker Integration for background.

Generate notice if purchase order changes? The FTC - Suppress Backorder Notice for Due Date Changes (L65) system control value controls whether to generate a backorder notice if you change the due date for the next expected purchase order to a later date, or cancel the purchase order.

Quotes? The system does not generate backorder notification emails for quotes; see Entering Pre-Order Quotes for an overview.


1. Enter GBOC in the Fast path field at the top of any menu, or select Generate Backorder Cards from a menu.

2. The system submits the BO_CARDS job and displays a confirmation message at the bottom of the screen.

3. The job generates:

- first, second, and continuing backorder cards (depending on the settings in the System Control table) using the Backorder Card Print Program (D04); see Backorder Card

- first, second, and continuing email backorder notifications or the Outbound Email XML Message (CWEmailOut) rather than generating document notices for printing for certain customers; see When Does the System Generate an Email Notification?

- the Backorder Cancellation Register.

4. The job writes a message to the Order History table, such as:

1st B/O--line 2, ship date 11/15/06

Also, in the case of an email notification, the system writes an Order History message such as:

BO 1st Ntf to m.

This message indicates the user ID of the person who submitted the BO_CARDS job.

If using backorders pending cancellation: If the FTC--Second Notice Output (E68) system control value is set to FILE/PRINT or FILE, and the FTC -- Action after Second Notification (C70) value is set to CANCEL, the job creates records in the Backorder Cancellation Pending table (BOCANP) for each second notice. You can use Working with Backorders Pending Cancellation (WBPC) to continue to work with these orders. Your options include:

• advancing to order maintenance or standard order inquiry

• accepting a backorder delay

• canceling a group of backorders

• generating backorder notices

You can generate backorder notices through the Work with Backorders Pending Cancellation menu option only if the FTC--Second Notice Output (E68) system control value is set to FILE. The system submits the job SEC_NOTICE when you generate notices through this menu option. In this situation, the system writes two order history messages: one when you write the record to the Backorder Cancellation Pending table, and one when you actually generate the notice. Both messages are identical.

For more information:

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