FTC -- Action after Second Notification (C70)

Purpose: Use this screen to define the next action to take after you have sent the second FTC notification card to a customer for a backordered item.

Code field: Enter one of these codes to define the action to take after the second FTC notification card is issued on an order:




CANCEL: the order appears on the Backorder Cancellation Register that the system produces when you generate backorder cards. You can cancel the backordered item through Order Maintenance, or contact the customer to suggest another item. The date that an order is eligible to appear on the Backorder Cancellation Register is based on the value in the Days after 2nd Backorder Notification to Cancel Order (D07) system control value.

For more information: See Purchase Order Layering and Backorder Notifications.

Note: You must have this system control value set to CANCEL to use the Work with Backorders Pending Cancellation menu option. See the description of the FTC--Second Notice Output (E68) system control value.

CONTINUE: the system issues another FTC notification at the appropriate time, which is:

• the same number of days as previous FTC notices, or

• when the delivery date changes, or

• when you miss the promised delivery date

STOP: the system does not issue further FTC notifications.

IN03_08 OROMS 17.0 2018 OTN