Increasing the Quantity Ordered in Order Maintenance

Purpose: You can use the Work with Order Line Screen to increase the quantity ordered of an item on an existing order.

Retail pickup or delivery orders: You cannot increase the quantity on a retail pickup or delivery order from the Order Broker. See the Retail Pickup (including Ship-for-Pickup) or Delivery Orders for more information.

For more information:

• decreasing the quantity ordered of an item: Canceling an Item in Order Maintenance

• how price table repricing and premium items function in Order Maintenance: Changing Item Detail Line Information in Order Maintenance


1. At the Work with Order Lines Screen, Select Change for an item. You advance to the Work with Order Line Screen with your cursor in the Qty field.

2. Enter the amount of the item that the customer wants to order.

3. Select OK to accept and validate the new quantity ordered and return to the Work with Order Lines Screen.

4. The system updates the quantity ordered immediately. Notice the quantity in the Rsv (reserved) field if you are using Immediate Reservation.


• This option is available only for open or held order lines without a printed quantity.

• When you change the quantity ordered of a main set item, the change is also reflected in its component items.

• Selecting Change for a set component item is controlled by the Set Component Maintenance (J01) secured feature. If you do not have the required authority, the system displays an error message: Not authorized to change, delete, cancel, or sell out a set component.

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