Auto Assign Item # (D46)

Purpose: Use this screen to define whether the system assigns item numbers during item entry.

Yes/No field: This value controls whether the system assigns the item code automatically during Item entry (which you can override) or you enter your own item codes.

Select this field to have the system assign the next sequential item number each time you enter a new item in the Item table. The system takes the next available item number from the Item # field in the Number Assignment table. This is a numeric, 9 position (maximum) field. See Setting Up the Number Assignment Table (WNUM) for more information about this number assignment.

During Item entry (when you select Create), the system loads the next item number (left-justified) to the Item field and places the cursor at the Desc (Description) field. You may override the system- assigned item number; however, this number will not be reused.

Leave unselected to use your own item codes during Item entry. During Item entry (when you select Create), the system places the cursor at the Item field.

IN03_03 OROMS 17.0 2018 OTN