Default Soldout Control Code (D72)

Purpose: Use this screen to define a soldout control code to default when you create items or SKUs.

Code field: Enter a soldout control code that you want to default into the Soldout Control field when you create items and SKUs in Work with Items, or when you create SKUs with the Generate SKUs function. You can override the default code when you are creating items and SKUs.

Leave this field blank if you do not want a soldout control code to default when you are creating items and SKUs.

The soldout control is a 2-position, alphanumeric code, defined in and validated against the Soldout Control table, that controls the circumstances under which you treat an item as soldout.

Although you define the code itself, each soldout control code can have only one of the three statuses:

1 = sellout immediately

2 = sellout when on-hand plus on-order quantity is exhausted

3 = sellout when on-hand quantity is exhausted

For more information:

• on creating items and SKUs, see Performing Initial Item Entry (MITM) and Working with SKU Elements (WSK1, WSK2, WSK3).

• on working with Soldout Controls, see Working with Soldout Controls (WSLD).

IN03_03 OROMS 17.0 2018 OTN