Default Soldout Control Code for Item to Item Transactions (D94)

Purpose: Use this screen to define a soldout control code for the system to assign to items you sell out as a result of an item to item transfer.

Code field: Enter the soldout control code you want the system to default when you process an item to item transfer (item transaction code = G) in Work with Inventory Transactions.

You use item to item transfers when you want to transfer inventory from one item code to another. You might want to do this for a slow-selling or reduced inventory item that you now want to offer as part of a grab bag. The soldout control code you define here appears in a pop-up window when you process an item to item transfer. You can accept the default or enter a different code. If the transfer eliminates the entire on-hand inventory of the source item, the system will assign this soldout control code to the item.

Soldout control codes are defined in and validated against the Soldout Control Code table; valid codes appear to the right of the field.

Leave this field blank if you do not want to a soldout control code to default for item to item transfers.

For more information: See Working with Soldout Controls (WSLD) for more information on working with soldout control codes.

IN03_03 OROMS 17.0 2018 OTN