Preauthorize Backorders (D32)

Purpose: Use this screen to define whether to transmit orders that are completely backordered for credit card authorization along with orders that are shipping. This helps you to spot fraudulent orders before you place a purchase order for these items.

Yes/no field: Select this field to send completely backordered orders up for initial credit card authorization; otherwise, leave it unselected.

If you select this field, completely backordered orders that contain at least one credit card payment method that is not associated with a manual authorization are added to the Credit Card Authorization Backorder (CCATBO) table when you accept a new order in Order Entry (Accept or Accept/Add Rcp).

Note: Orders are added to this table from Order Entry only, not from Order Maintenance.

A single record is added to the Credit Card Authorization Backorder table for each order, regardless of the number of recipients (shipping addresses) on the order. The amount to authorize is $1.00.

The CCATBO table contains orders with:

• all backordered items, and

• at least 1 credit card payment method that uses a credit card authorization service bureau. The system does not create a record in the CC Authorization B/O table if the credit card payment method is associated with a manual authorization.

• rejected authorizations for FDR (First Data Response). Rejected authorizations for this service are transmitted each time you transmit authorizations to FDR, regardless of whether there are reserved items on the order.

During Pick Slip Generation, when you select the option to generate picks, the system checks the orders in the Credit Card Authorization Backorder table to ensure that:

• the order was not canceled

• the items were not received and reserved through EBO_ASYNC (Evaluate Backorder ASYNC). This is a background processing job that matches newly received inventory to backorders, based on order date and priority.

If backordered items were reserved, the record is deleted from the CCATBO (Credit Card Authorization Backorder) table and added to the CCAT00 (Credit Card Authorization) table. However, if the order remains completely backordered, the CCATBO table is copied to the CCAT00 file and is transmitted for initial authorization.

If the credit card charge is declined, the Order status and Order hold reason code fields are updated with the vendor response; also, a credit card decline email might be generated if the Credit Card Decline Email Program (K53) is populated. Depending on the type of response, you may not place a purchase order with your vendor for these items. However, if the order receives authorization (the charge is approved), you may order the items from your vendor.

IN03_08 OROMS 17.0 2018 OTN