Credit Card Decline Email Program (K53)

Purpose: Use this screen to define the email program to notify a customer when an order is put on hold because of a credit card decline during pick slip generation.

System name field: Enter the name of the program to generate the credit card decline email as a result of batch authorizations during pick slip generation. The default credit card decline email program is CDECLNOTF. The email is generated with a subject line of Credit Card Issue -- Order # 1234 where 1234 is the order number.

Note: The system does not generate the email if the credit card is declined as a result of online authorization. Only the batch authorization function in pick slip generation generates the email notification when the order is put on hold due to a credit card decline.

See When Does the System Generate an Email Notification? for an overview of when the system sends an email notification, and for information on entering the text to appear in the email. You can also set up an email template at the entity level as an override; see Email Setup within Order Management System for more information.

Outbound email API: You can specify to generate a generic outbound XML message, rather than an actual email, for credit card decline notifications. This XML message includes additional information that is not included in the standard email notice. You might choose to generate the XML message so that you can use the information to produce a reformatted HTML email for marketing purposes. See Outbound Email API for an overview.

For more information: See:

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