Unactivated Stored Value Card Report

Purpose: Use this report to review stored value cards that require attention because:

• the stored value card was declined by the service bureau for activation

• the stored value card was billed at the manifest station without a number assignment

The report continues to include the stored value card until the card receives an approved activation or the card is assigned a number.

This report sorts in descending date and ascending card number sequence.

How to print: Run the Unactivated Stored Value Cards periodic function (program name PFR0075).

For more information: See the sample report in PDF format.


Service bureau: The code and description of the Stored Value Card Activation Authorization Service (I26). This is the service bureau that processes stored value card activation requests.

Order #: The order number and ship to number where the stored value card item was purchased.

Line#: The order line number containing the stored value card item.

Date: The date the stored value card item was billed.

Card#: The number assigned to the stored value card. This field is blank if the card was billed at the manifest station without first being assigned a number. The stored value card number is in the format specified at the Credit Card Number Layout Screen for the associated pay type. If a format is not defined for the pay type, the system uses the default credit card number format. For example, ************1443 may print instead of the entire stored value card number. Note: If a default credit card number format is not defined, the card number will display. See Credit Card Number Format for an overview.

Amount: The amount applied to the stored value card.

Response: The activation response received from the service bureau.

SO14_02r OROMS 17.0 2018 OTN