Allow Multiple Primary Item Locations (D12)

Purpose: Use this screen to indicate whether multiple primary locations are allowed for inventory items.

Code field: The value you enter here controls whether you can define multiple primary locations any time you create an item/location record, such as during an Inventory Transaction or Location Transfer. This enables you to control the number of locations in which an item is inventoried or to place the item in as many locations as you want.

Valid options are:

NOT ALLOW or blank

The system issues a warning message and prevents you from assigning the item to additional locations.


The system displays a pop-up window that indicates that a primary location exists for the item. You can either continue and create another location for the item or cancel this action.


The system lets you create an additional location for an item automatically without sending a warning or confirmation.

Each time you attempt to create a new location for the item, the system checks for a value in the Location field in the SKU record. The system issues a warning message that a primary location already exists for the item if you set this value to CONFIRM, NOT ALLOW, or blank regardless of the type of location specified for the item (primary, secondary, bulk).

Note: This value also affects how the Update Primary Primary Location for Item During Receiving (I35) system control value determines whether to update an item’s “primary primary” location when receiving a purchase order or placing suspended stock. See that system control value for more information.

IN03_03 OROMS 17.0 2018 OTN