Default SKU Generator Vendor Item (C61)

Purpose: Use this screen to indicate whether the system should duplicate the SKU portion of the item number (the code for the item's color, size, width, etc.) into the Vendor/Item number field when using the SKU Generator and creating Vendor/Item records.

Yes/No field: If you select this field, the system will default the SKU portion of the item to each Vendor/Item record when the SKU Generator creates the individual SKU records.

Typically, you would select this field if the Vendor/Item SKU elements (for color, size, width, etc.) are the same as your own SKU codes. This reduces data entry because you do not need to reenter the vendor item number for each SKU.

The Vendor/Item code is the code under which the vendor sells an item. For example, the vendor may sell black shoes as item #9300 BLK 9.5 MED. This code indicates that the shoe itself is item number 9300, and the particular style of shoe (black, size 9.5, medium width) is represented by the code BLK 9.5 MED. If you advertise (and sell) the item under the a different item number (such as AB10000, but the same color and size), you may select this field. When you add the item to your inventory and run the SKU Generator to create individual SKU records based on certain style elements (such as color, size, and width), the system will create a SKU record for each combination of styles and duplicate this information for each Vendor/Item record.

If you leave this field unselected and you specify to create Vendor/Item records, the system will leave the SKU field for each Vendor/Item record blank. You must enter this information manually for each SKU record; otherwise, the system issues a message:

Error: Vendor Item Duplicate

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