Understanding Promotional Pricing

Purpose: This topic discusses promotional pricing and what you need to do to set up both features.

Promotional pricing allows you to specify an item, a group of items, or a dollar amount that a customer must order to receive an incentive item at no charge or at a special price. Promotional pricing is defined for a source code or offer. When the customer meets the eligibility requirements established in the promotional pricing record, a pop-up window appears in Order Entry allowing the customer to select from an incentive group or select an incentive item. The system automatically adds the item to the order.

You can also create promotions based on the day of the week, which you can review in Order Entry by selecting Dsp Daily Promo at the Select Customer Sold To for Order screen. However, you cannot offer these “daily specials” if you use tax-inclusive pricing, as there is no way to determine if the order is subject to VAT and tax-inclusive pricing before you enter the header information on an order. See the Tax Included in Price (E70) system control value.

Promotional pricing windows display only if the order type indicates to display promo windows. Typically, you would not want them to display for fax or mail orders.

Promotional Pricing

Initial steps: Use the following steps to set up promotional pricing (see Understanding Promotional Pricing).

• Create the offer or source codes for which promotional pricing will be valid (as described in Introducing Offer and Source Codes). The Promo pricing field for the source code must be selected. In addition, to receive promotional pricing for the specified offer/source code, make sure you create item/SKU offer prices for the items/SKUs assigned to the offer (associated with the source code).

• Use Establishing Order Types (WOTY) to indicate the order types subject to promotional pricing. (For example, you might not want promotional pricing pop-up windows to appear for mail or fax orders.) The Promo windows field in the order type record must be set to Promo (promotional pricing).

Promotional group setup: If you are using promotional groups, or if you want to offer a group of items as an incentive, you need to set up promotional groups before you can create a promotional pricing record.

• Select Work with Promotional Pricing Groups (WPRG) to create a promotional group, and assign the items the customer must order to receive the incentive.

• If you want the customer to select an incentive item from a group of items, you also use this function to set up your incentive groups.

Promotion pricing setup: Select Work with Promotional Pricing (WPRP) to define the requirements that will make the customer eligible for the incentive group or incentive item, what the incentive group or item will be, the maximum quantity, and whether it is offered at no charge, a special incentive price, or a discounted price.

Promotional pricing in Order Entry: You advance to a promotional pricing pop-up window or screen only when:

• The customer places an order from a source code or offer for which a promotion has been defined and

• The customer orders:

- a specific quantity from a predefined group

- a specific quantity of an item

- a certain dollar amount of merchandise, and

• The Promo pricing (Promotional pricing) field in the source code record is selected, and

• The Promo windows field in the order type record is set to Promo (promotional pricing)

Note: Once you have added an incentive item to an order, the system will not reprice it or reassess tax, regardless of changes to the shipping address, customer tax status, etc.

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