Default Additional Charge Code (C45)

Purpose: Use this screen to define the default additional charge code used when the system applies a balance due write-off as an additional charge on the order during Order Entry.

Code field: Enter the code that will be used in Order Entry when applying a balance due write-off amount as an additional charge to the order.

A balance due write-off exists when a negative value displays in the WO$ field in the upper right of the Payment Method screen. This indicates that the customer has underpaid on previous orders by a dollar value or percentage; although the customer is shipped the order, the balance due write-off amount accumulates in the Customer record.

You can add the balance due write-off to an order during Order Entry by selecting Cvt W/O$-Charge on the Payment Method screen. The system will apply the entire amount of the balance due write-off as an additional charge on the order. The additional charge will be added to the Additional Charges screen, using the value in the Default additional charge code system control value.

Additional Charge codes are defined in and validated against the Additional Charges table. See Establishing Additional Charge Codes (WADC).

IN03_02 OROMS 17.0 2018 OTN