Entering Orders

Purpose: This topic describes how you enter orders:

• You enter or verify customer and order information on the Work with Order Screen.

• You add items to the order on the Work with Order Lines Screen (Adding Items to the Order).

Additionally, this topic describes how to attach payment information to the order and how to end the order. When you finish this topic, you will know how to enter a complete order on the system, including:

• Who is placing the order?

• What items are being ordered?

• What is the method of payment?

• What happens when you complete the order?

Once you use the steps outlined in this topic, you will have an order on the system; you can enhance the order in several different ways by selecting any of the functions listed at the bottom of the screen.

Entering quotes: See Entering Pre-Order Quotes for more information on creating a pre-order quote for a customer listing the items the customer wishes to order and the order totals should the customer agree to place the order.

Entering a ship-for-pickup order: Use the Store option, available at the Create One Time Ship To Address Screen, to select the store location where the customer wants to pick up the order. See Ship-for-Pickup Orders for an overview.

In this chapter:

Who is placing the order?

Work with Order Screen

- Defining Order Controls

- Adding Customer/Address Information

- Adding Order Information

- Reviewing Order Totals

- Display Duplicate Sold To Window

- When a Window Opens

What items are being ordered?

Work with Order Lines Screen (Adding Items to the Order)

- Order Information Fields

- Item Image

- Order Totals

- Item Entry Fields

- Order Lines Fields

Screen Differences to Note When Using SKUs

- SKU Scan Screen

Adding Different Types of Items to the Order

- Entering a Subscription Item

- Entering a Warranty Item

- Entering Set Items

- Entering an Item Evaluated by the SKU Blocker Interface

- Entering Multiple Ship-Alone Units on a Ship-for-Pickup Order

Select Variable Set Items Screen

Miscellaneous Messages and Windows at Item Entry

- Discount Calculation Messages

- Maximum Order Line Quantity/Value

- Work with Item/SKU Comments Window

- Enter Add Reason Window

- Item Coordinate Message

- Ship Via Overrides for Item Window

- Item Status Message Window

- Duplicate Item for Customer Window

Displaying the Detail Line Options

Completing the Work with Order Lines Screen

Order Repricing, Premiums, Discounts, and Promotions

- Types of Discounts and Promotions Applied During Repricing

- When Repricing Occurs

- Applying Order Audit Discounts during Repricing

- Order Audit Discounts during Repricing Process Flow

- Repricing Screen Flow

- Price Table Repricing

- Display Premiums Screen (Price Table Premiums)

- Enter Coupon Discount Amount Window

- Enter Promotion Code Screen

- Enter Coupon Discount Amount Window

- Applying Free Gifts

Determining Gross Profit

- Calculating Gross Profit Margin and Percentage using Tax Inclusive Pricing (VAT)

Work with Customer Profile

What is the method of payment?

Default Paytype Pop-up Windows

- Enter Cash Control For Window (Cash/Check Payment Type)

- Enter Credit Card For Window (Credit Card Payment Type)

Enter Payment Method Screen

Scan Credit Card Accounts Screen

Assigning a Payment Plan to the Order

- Determining the Primary Payment Plan

- Select Payment Plan Window

- Display Payment Plan Summary Screen

Pay Type Editing

- Rules for Pay Type Combinations

Determining the Charge Sequence

What happens when you complete the order?

Alternate Shipping Charges by Via Window

Work with Order/Recap Screen

- Contribution (Overpayment Exists) Window

Accepting or Rejecting the Order

Rejecting the Order

- Confirm Order/Call Disposition Window

- Confirm Reject Window

Accepting the Order

- Performing Online Credit Card Authorizations

- Confirm Invalid Expiration Date Screen

Order Entry Updates

- Immediate Updates

- Updates at Accept

- Updates During Background Processing

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