Validate Prefix (I27)

Purpose: Use this screen to indicate whether to validate a customer’s prefix against the Prefix table.

Yes/No field: Select this field to have prefix definitions, set up through Working with Prefix Codes (WPFX), available for selection on screens and to have the system validate your entries in the Prefix field against this table.

Why use the Prefix table? The Prefix table allows you to specify a description of up to 15 characters, rather than just the three positions of the prefix field itself. The prefix is available to print on pick slips, backorder cards, and soldout notifications if your print program supports it. For example, you could set up a prefix code of PRF with a description of PROFESSOR. When you print a pick slip for the customer, the word PROFESSOR prints rather than the prefix code.

Which types of customers use the prefix? When you have the system validate the customer’s prefix, the validation applies to:

• sold-to customers

• ship-to customers

• bill-to customers

• customer frauds

About prefix validation: When customer’s prefix has not been defined in this table, then the system displays an error message and does not let you complete your entry if you attempt to:

• create or work with a customer

• enter an order, or create one through the inbound order message (the error message is Invalid Prefix Code)

• create or work with a catalog request

In most cases, you can correct the prefix at a screen by selecting a code defined in the Prefix table. However, when you select an existing customer when creating a catalog request, you cannot complete your entry if the customer’s prefix code is invalid.

Before you select this system control value, you should make sure that you have created an entry, using Working with Prefix Codes (WPFX), for each prefix you use in your company, including prefixes such as Mr. and Ms. that do not require expansion.

Note: A blank Prefix is not considered invalid; the prefix is not required.

Which screens validate the prefix? Prefix validation takes place at the following screens:

Order entry/order maintenance:

- Work with Order Screen

- Expand Name/Address Screen

- Create Customer Ship To Screen

- Change Customer Ship To Screen (Using, Changing, or Excluding a Shipping Address)

- Create One Time Ship To Address Screen

- Change One Time Ship To Address Screen (see Create One Time Ship To Address Screen)

- Change Customer Bill To Screen (Selecting, Changing, or Excluding a Billing Account)

- Create Customer Bill To Screen

- Change Cust Sold to Name & Address Screen

Catalog requests:

- Create Catalog Request Screen

- Change Catalog Request Screen

Customer maintenance:

- First Create Sold To Customer Screen

- First Change Customer Screen (see First Create Sold To Customer Screen)

- Create Ship-to Customer Screen

- Change Ship To Customer screen

Working with Bill-To Customers:

- Create Bill-to Customer Screen

- Change Bill-to Customer Screen

Working with Customer Memberships:

- Alternate Shipping Address Screen (Change Mode)

- Customer Membership Recipient Screen (Change Mode)

Working with Fraudulent Customers: Create Fraudulent Customer Screen

Including the prefix description on forms: The prefix description appears on printed forms only if your unique print program supports it.

Leave this field unselected if you do not want the system to make the entries in the Prefix table available on screens where you enter a customer prefix. In this case, prompting on the Prefix field does not display the contents of the Prefix table.

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