Performing Batch Authorization (SATH)

Purpose: Use this menu option to receive authorizations for credit cards that did not receive an authorization during order entry. This menu option sends credit cards up for authorization in a batch by the associated ship via. The system looks at the ship via defined on the order header to determine which credit cards are sent to the service bureau for authorization.

You may wish to use this menu option if:

• communication failures occurred when you tried to authorize the credit card during order entry or order maintenance.

• the credit card received an authorization during order entry, but not for the entire dollar amount associated with the card.

• the credit card received a declined authorization during order entry.

• the credit card was approved in order entry or order maintenance, but the authorization has expired.

• the credit card was approved in order entry or order maintenance, but the card failed AVS verification or card security identification (CID, CVV2, CVC2); see Address Verification Service (AVS) and Credit Card Security Service (CID, CVV2, CVC2)

Note: You must authorize credit cards prior to generating pick slips if the Batch/online field for the service bureau is set to I (online only). You can perform online credit card authorization during order entry when you select Accept to accept the order, during order maintenance at the Enter Payment Methods Screen in Order Maintenance, or using this menu option.

Periodic function: The AUTHALL Authorize All Open Orders periodic function (program name PFR0131) allows you to use the job scheduler to schedule when you wish to process the Batch Authorization Program (SATH).

In this chapter:

Batch Authorization Process

Batch Authorization Selection Screen

Batch Authorization Process

When you select Accept at the Batch Authorization Selection screen, the system submits the Get Online Authorization program.


The system determines the orders eligible for authorization, checking for Void Authorizations, the available authorized amount from Authorization History, and any existing picks with valid authorizations.

• If a ship via has not been defined at the Batch Authorization Selection Screen, the system reviews by order number all open order ship to records.

• If a ship via has been defined at the Batch authorization Selection Screen, the system only reviews by order number open order ship to records associated with the specified ship via. If the ship via matches, the system selects the entire order, across all ship to customers.


The system performs the same steps as in order entry to determine if an order is eligible for online authorization and the information that is updated; see Receiving a Credit Card Authorization During Order Entry.

Note: The system does not display the Select Authorization Response Option Window when you authorize credit cards using batch authorization.


The system prints the Online Credit Card Authorization Listing for credit cards that received a declined authorization.

For more information: See Processing Authorizations and Deposits using an Integration Layer Process for more information on communicating with a service bureau via an integration layer job.

Batch Authorization Selection Screen

Purpose: Use this screen to select the ship vias associated with the credit cards you wish to send for authorization.

How to display this screen: Enter SATH in the Fast path field at the top of a menu or select Batch Authorization Program from a menu.



Ship via

A code for the ship via associated with the orders that contain credit cards you wish to send for authorization.

Ship via codes are defined in and validated against the Ship Via table.

Numeric, eight 3-position fields; optional.

Screen Option


Submit the batch authorization program

Select Accept. See Batch Authorization Process. A message indicates that the job has been submitted: BATCH_AUTH submitted

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