ChannelAdvisor Order Type (L90)

Purpose: Use this screen to define the order type to assign to orders you process through the ChannelAdvisor integration.

Code field: Enter the order type code for the CAORDUP periodic function to assign to orders you process through the ChannelAdvisor integration. Your entry must be a valid order type, as set up through the Establishing Order Types (WOTY) option.

Identifies orders to include in the shipment upload: When you confirm a shipment, the BILL_ASYNC job creates CAS trigger records for orders of this type, and the CASHIP periodic function uses these triggers to identify which orders require shipment confirmations to ChannelAdvisor. See Sending Shipment Confirmations to ChannelAdvisor for background.

Identifies orders to include in the refund upload: The Processing Refunds (MREF) function submits refunds to ChannelAdvisor on orders if their type matches this system control value. See Submitting Refunds for ChannelAdvisor Orders for background.

Required to display pay type cross-reference: The CA cross reference # field is displayed in Working with Pay Types (WPAY) only if you specify a ChannelAdvisor order type using this system control value. If you enter a CA cross reference #, then you also need to enter a CA type to indicate whether to calculate tax and shipping at the item level (consistent with the Amazon and eBay with premium tax marketplaces) or at the order level (consistent with the eBay marketplace without premium tax).

Controls display of warning message in order maintenance: If you attempt to maintain an order with this order type, a window opens warning that the order originated through the ChannelAdvisor integration and should not ordinarily be maintained without applying the same updates through ChannelAdvisor.

Leave this field blank if you do not use the ChannelAdvisor integration.

Note: Do not use this order type for any orders except those created automatically through the CAORDUP periodic function.

For more information: See:

ChannelAdvisor Integration Overview, especially Importing Orders from ChannelAdvisor, for background on the ChannelAdvisor integration.

ChannelAdvisor Setup for more setup information.

IN03_17 OROMS 17.0 2018 OTN