Allow Only Single Line on Drop Ship Pick (C82)

Purpose: Use this screen to define whether a single item or multiple items print on a drop ship pick slip.

Yes/no field: Select this field to print only a single item per drop ship pick slip; otherwise, leave unselected to print all drop ship items for the vendor on the same drop ship purchase order.pick slip.

If you are printing a single drop ship pick slip for each drop ship item, the drop ship items might be shipped in separate shipments to the customer. If printing multiple items on a drop ship pick slip, you can keep the drop ship items on an order together.

A drop ship pick slip prints for an item you sell but do not stock. You forward the drop ship pick slip to your vendor, and the vendor ships the item directly to the customer.

Drop ship purchase orders: The Allow Only Single Line on Drop Ship PO (M13) system control value controls whether to include multiple items on a drop ship purchase order. See that system control value for more information.

For more information: See Selecting Vendors for Drop Ship Processing (MDSP).

IN03_04 OROMS 17.0 2018 OTN