Generating Membership Orders (EGMO)

Purpose: Use the Generate Customer Membership Orders menu option to generate orders for standard customer memberships.

In this chapter:

Generate Membership Orders Screen

Membership Order Generation Process

Release Membership Orders (RMEM)

Memberships in Error Report

Active Procedure Log

Generate Membership Orders Screen

How to display this screen: Enter EGMO in the Fast path field at the top of any menu or select Generate Membership Orders from a menu.



Up to release date

The latest release date for the system to consider when evaluating customer memberships for order generation. Only standard memberships whose next release date is on this date or earlier are eligible to generate orders. The current date defaults, but you can override it.

Numeric, 6 positions (in user date format); required.

Order date

The system assigns the date you enter here as the Order date and Entered date for each generated membership order; however, demand updates (such as Order Billing History) use the actual system date. The current date defaults, but you can override it to a future date.

Note: The order date you enter here is included in the order confirmation email, even if you enter a future date. If the order is eligible for an order confirmation email and the order is in open or held status, the background job generates the order confirmation immediately, regardless of whether the order date is in the future.

See Updates During Background Processing for a listing of tables updated by the ORDR_ASYNC job, including demand updates.

Numeric, 6 positions (in user date format); required.

Select membership types

The membership type(s) for the system to consider when evaluating customer memberships for order generation. You can enter up to five membership types, or leave all these fields blank to evaluate all memberships regardless of type.

Membership types are defined in and validated against the Membership Type table; see Working with Membership Types (WWMT).

Discount-only memberships: If you sell memberships for the purpose of applying a discount to customer orders, but that do not generate orders, you can use these fields to select other membership types and exclude the discount-only type. Otherwise, any discount-only memberships will appear on the memberships in error report because they do not include any items.

Note: The system does not evaluate loyalty membership types for order generation.

Alphanumeric, five 2-position fields; optional.

Instructions: Follow these steps at the Generate Membership Orders Screen to start the Membership Order Generation Process:

1. Complete the required fields and any optional fields as described above.

2. Select OK. The system validates your entries and highlights any fields you need to correct. Correct any fields and select OK again.

3. Select Generate Orders.

Membership Order Generation Process

Process overview: You can choose to generate membership orders based on the membership type and release date. When you begin the generation process, the system starts the GEN_ORDERS job, which:


Selects each customer membership that is eligible to generate an order, based on the membership's status (which must be active) and next release date (which must be on or earlier than the selection date). If you specify one or more membership types, the membership must be one of the specified types, as well.


Evaluates the customer membership for errors, and includes these memberships on the Memberships in Error Report. Errors are:

• Incomplete or incorrect payment information

• No items for the current rotation


Selects each item to include on generated orders, based on the item's status (which must be active) and the rotation number (which must be the same as the current rotation for the membership header or the rotation must be 1 or zero, indicating to always include the item).


Creates orders, which it then evaluates in the same way as orders you create through the generic order API; this edit flags errors such as a missing item price or invalid SCF/ship via combination.


Automatically assigns the “best way” ship via with the lowest overall shipping charges to the order if the ship via for the customer membership matches the Best Way Ship Via for Auto-Assignment (J67); see that system control value for more information.


Updates the customer membership:

• Changes the Last order date to the Order date specified at the Generate Membership Orders Screen

• Changes the Next release date to the next date when the customer membership will be eligible for order generation, based on the order date and the Shipment interval or Fixed shipment day

• Increments the Next rotation if the customer membership includes items that are assigned to different rotations; otherwise the Next rotation remains 1 or 0

• Increments the Shipments (# Shp) total

• Changes the customer membership status to Complete if the total number of rotations has been met


Writes an order message to the generated order indicating the name of the membership program and the Next release date if the Write Order Messages for Membership Rotation (K04) system control value is selected. This order message is flagged to print on the pick slip, and the user ID identifies the user who submitted the membership generation job. See the system control value for more information.


Assigns the suspended membership orders to an order batch. The batch is assigned to the user ID of the user who submitted the membership generation job.


Puts orders with errors in Error status.


Puts orders that are error-free in Open or Held status, removes the batch number from the order header, and applies pick slip preparation to the eligible orders; see Applying Pick Slip Preparation to an Order.


Updates the customer membership with the next release date, shipment number, and rotation; also, changes the status if the current order completes the membership.


Creates refunds for any prepaid memberships that are closing with the current order if the Method for Processing Overpayments in Order Entry (D70) system control value is set to OE PROMPT or AUTO/REFND; otherwise, if the system control value is set to AUTO/CONTR, it creates a contribution.

Note: The GEN_ORDERS job runs in the QSYSNOMAX job queue rather than the default QBATCH job queue in order to reduce conflicts with other submitted jobs.

Generated reports: The GEN_ORDERS job produces:

Memberships in Error Report

• Order Batch Listing. See Accepting or Rejecting the Order Batch for more information on this report.

Orders in error: Any membership orders that have any errors remain suspended in the generated batch. Use the Edit/Accept option on the Work with Error Orders Batches Screen to submit the batch to edit so that you can review the errors and then advance to an individual order in error so that you can correct it. See Accepting or Rejecting the Order Batch for more information.

Which order date to use? The system uses the Order date you enter at the Generate Membership Orders Screen as the Order date and Enter date for generated membership orders; however, all other updates are posted using the current date. For example, records in the Order Billing History table are created using the current date.

Active procedure check: Before the order accept process runs, the system checks to see whether there is already an order generation (GEN_ORDERS) job that is active in your company. If there is currently an active order generation job, the system stops the newly submitted job and generates the Active Procedure Log.

Loyalty memberships: The program ignores any loyalty memberships when generating membership orders. See Loyalty Memberships for an overview.

Tokenization: If the credit card number for a membership order has been replaced with a token, the system bypasses credit card validation; see the Data Security and Encryption Guide for more information.

Email address? If the customer sold-to has a primary email address, this address defaults as the order-level email address; otherwise, there is no order-level email address assigned. See Generating Membership Orders (EGMO) for more information.

Membership orders without existing customer memberships: It is possible for the system to generate a membership order for which you cannot find the associated customer membership in the following situation:

1. You receive an order that includes a membership item and that is in error for some reason. For example, you receive an order through the order API, and the order includes both a membership item and another order detail line that is in error status because it failed an edit related to order line quantity. In this situation, the system creates the customer membership even though the order is in suspended status.

2. You run Generating Membership Orders (EGMO) and generate the membership order for the customer membership created through the suspended order.

3. You then reject the order or the order batch, removing the suspended order that originated the customer membership.

Because the customer membership no longer exists, the system does not generate any additional membership orders for the customer.

Cancelling the membership item: If you cancel the membership item on the order that originated the customer membership after you have used the membership generation process, a pop-up window opens:

If a membership order has already been generated: The Order Warning Message Window indicates that one or more membership orders have already been generated for the customer membership, and that you need to cancel the generated orders manually; however, canceling the membership item results in canceling the remainder of the customer membership, so the program will not generate any additional orders.

If the membership generation program is currently running, or if it has generated an order but the order is still suspended in batch: The Membership in Process Window indicates that the membership is currently being processed. You will need to cancel the generated order and the customer membership to prevent additional orders from being generated.

See Canceling a Membership Item for more information.

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