Suppress Email Address Search (J09)

Purpose: Use this screen to indicate whether to generate order-related emails even if the operator clears the order email address field.

Yes/no field: Select this field to have the system suppress the search for a customer’s email address if you clear the order-level email address in interactive order entry or maintenance and do not select another address; as a result, no order-related emails are sent.

Order-level email address: The system defaults an order-level email address from those associated with the customer in the Customer Sold To table (the primary email address), in the Customer Sold To Email Address table. The order-level email address is stored in the Order Header Extended table; however, if you clear the default email address in order entry or maintenance, the system does not store an email address in the Order Header Extended table. When this system control value is selected, the system does not generate regular order-level emails to the customer in this situation.

This system control value does not affect orders you create through an integration, such as the generic order API, because in these situations the system automatically selects an email address to use for the order if one is associated with the customer. (The exception is when an order is suspended due to errors at creation, and then you delete the email address before accepting the order; in this situation the system does not default an email back to the order.) See Working with an Order-Level Email Address for more information on the search hierarchies that apply in different situations.

Generic email XML message: Suppressing the search hierarchy also acts to suppress the CWEmailOut message in situations when you generate this generic XML message rather than an actual email notification.

Exceptions: The system still generates the Stored Value Card Notification Emails regardless of the setting of this system control value and the presence of an order email address.

Leave this field unselected if you would like the system to always search for an email address to receive order-related emails, even if there is no email address specified in the Order Header Extended table.

Typical search hierarchy: See Working with an Order-Level Email Address for information on the email search hierarchy that applies in regular order entry and maintenance and in other situations.

For more information: See:

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