Check Location Quantities During Pick Generation (C54)

Purpose: Use this screen to indicate whether pick slip generation allocates inventory from specific pickable locations in the warehouse.

Yes/no field: If you select this field, the system allocates inventory from the first pickable location with enough stock to satisfy the quantity printed on the pick slip. If there is not enough stock, the system allocates inventory across multiple pickable locations, beginning with primary, secondary, then bulk locations. See Allocation Processing Against Multiple Locations for more processing information.

Reserving against a non-allocatable warehouse: In order to generate pick slips against a non-allocatable warehouse, the Check Location Quantities During Pick Generation (C54) system control value must be selected. You can reserve inventory against a non-allocatable warehouse if the Reserve from Non-Allocatable Warehouse (J25) system control value is selected.

If you leave this field unselected, the system allocates the entire quantity printed on the pick slips from the item's primary primary location. If the primary primary location does not contain this quantity, you must perform replenishment immediately after running pick slip generation in order to transfer stock from bulk and secondary locations to the primary primary location. See Allocation Processing Against Primary Primary Location.

If you are using the Let Down Replenishment (C36) system control value to generate and/or immediately process replenishments during pick slip generation, you must select the Check Location Quantities During Pick Slip Generation system control value.

For more information: See Pick Slip Allocation Processing and Allocation Processing Against Multiple Locations.

IN03_04 OROMS 17.0 2018 OTN