Auto Soldout Cancel Reason (C20)

Purpose: Use this screen to define the cancellation reason code to use when canceling items automatically.

Number field: Enter the cancellation reason code identifying the reason for canceling any backordered items during billing if the order is flagged to cancel backorders.

Auto cancel backorders: If an order is flagged to cancel backorders based on the setting of the Canc B/O (Automatically cancel backorders) field, the billing background job cancels any open, unshipped order lines when it bills a shipment for the order. The setting of the Auto can B/O field can default from the customer’s setting, or you can override it when entering the order.

Note: If this system control value does not specify a valid cancel reason code, then automatic cancellation of backorders does not take place during billing.

Credit card cancellations: The Working with Credit Card Cancellations (WCCC) option uses this cancel reason when canceling orders.

Canceling drop ship purchase orders: This cancel reason is applied when you cancel a drop ship purchase order through the PO Maintenance - Change PO Detail Screen. See Cancel Purchase Order for more information.

Cancellation reason codes are defined in and validated against the Cancel Reason table; see Establishing Cancel Reason Codes (WCNR).

IN03_08 OROMS 17.0 2018 OTN