Initializing an Offer (MOFI)

Purpose: Initializing an offer is used to:

• Delete an offer you are no longer using.

• Initialize an offer without transferring data.

• Transfer data from one offer to another, initializing the "copy to offer" without deleting the "copy from offer."

For more information: See Working with Offers (WOFR).

Offer Initialization Screen

How to display this screen: Enter MOFI in the Fast path field or select this option from a menu.



Copy from offer

The code for the offer from which you want to merge item and pricing data into another offer. If you only wish to initialize an offer, enter the offer code in this field and leave the Copy to offer field blank.

Numeric, 3 positions; required.

Copy to offer

The code for the offer to which you want to transfer item and pricing data.

Numeric, 3 positions; optional.

Res off source codes (Restrict offer's source codes)

Indicates whether you wish to restrict the use of a source code. Restricting a source code prevents it from being assigned to an order. This is useful for source codes you no longer use, but cannot delete since there are still open orders outstanding. Unselected when the source code is created.

During Offer Initialization, you have the option to restrict all sources codes associated with a particular offer; the source codes you restrict are not copied to the offer being initialized.

Selected = The source codes will not be copied to the offer being initialized.

Unselected = The source code will be copied to the offer being initialized.

Instructions: Follow the steps listed below to initialize an offer.

1. Complete the required fields and select Accept to accept your entries and initialize the offer.

MOFI OROMS 17.0 2018 OTN