Edit for Duplicate Catalog Requests (E46)

Purpose: Use this screen to define whether the system checks for duplicate records when you create a new catalog request.

Yes/no field: Select this field if you want the system to see if there is already an existing catalog request for the customer when you create a new catalog request using the Work with Catalog Request menu option or e-commerce catalog request process.

Checking for Duplicate Catalog Requests


• The system does not display an error message at the Create Catalog Request Screen in Work with Catalog Requests or the Change Catalog Request Screen in Work with Catalog Request Interface if the catalog request is a duplicate.

• If the existing request has already been printed, and the Edit for Duplicate catalog Requests system control value is selected, the system changes the printed status of the existing request to unselected.

• The system does increase the Quantity for the date and source code in the Catalog Request History table when the catalog request is a duplicate, even though it does not actually create an additional catalog request. This information is available for reporting purposes if you query the table directly. The number of requests mailed is included on the Campaign Performance Report; see Print Campaign Performance Reports (PCPR) for more information. See Catalog Request History Options for additional menu options related to the Catalog Request History table.

Leave this field unselected if you do not want the system to check for duplicate records when you create a new catalog request. In this case, if you enter a catalog request and a duplicate already exists, the system creates a new catalog request.

For more information:

• work with catalog requests and catalog request interface: Entering Catalog Requests (WCAT), Working with the Catalog Request Interface (WCRU).

• e-commerce catalog request process: E-Commerce Catalog Requests.

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