Credit Card Authorization AVS Hold Exemption/Bypass (E61)

Purpose: Use this screen to define whether to put an order on AVS hold a second time once it has been put on AVS hold and released.

Yes/no field: Select this field if you do not want to put an order on AVS (Address Verification Service) hold more than once.

An authorization service sends an AVS response if you need to verify that the customer's billing address is legitimate. For instance, the credit card might be authorized for the order, but there might be a discrepancy regarding part of the customer's address. To use the AVS feature, you should leave the Address verification field for the authorization service in the Work with Authorization Services menu option. You should also use this menu option to define each AVS response code.

When this system control value is selected, an order does not go on AVS hold twice if, for example, an order is authorized for a second shipment but receives the same AVS response the second time.

For more information: See Defining Authorization Services (WASV).

Leave this field unselected if you want orders to be held each time the authorization sends an AVS response.

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