Submit O/M Cancel Asynchronously (M36)

Purpose: Use this screen to define whether to submit an order cancel asynchronously or interactively.

Yes/No field: Select this field if you want the system to submit an order cancel asynchronously.

When the Submit O/M Cancel Asynchronously (M36) system control value is selected, the Cancel all ship-tos and Recalculate freight fields do not display on the Enter Cancel Reason Window. In this situation, the Cancel all ship-tos setting defaults to selected and the Recalculate freight setting is based on the value in the Recalculate Freight Default (F62) system control value.

When you select OK at the Enter Cancel Reason window to submit the order cancel, the system:

• submits the order cancel asynchronously. The system locks the order until the cancel is complete.

• writes a message to the TRACE log when an asynchronous order cancel starts and when it ends.

Leave this field unselected if you want the system to submit an order cancel interactively.

Note: This system control value applies to canceling an order, not to canceling an order line.

For more information: See Canceling an Order through Order Maintenance.

IN03_08 OROMS 17.0 2018 OTN