Recalculate Freight Default (F62)

Purpose: Use this screen to define the default setting of the Recalculate freight field in order maintenance, and for when you process backorder cancellations or item substitutions.

When recalculate freight is selected, the system will recalculate freight down to zero; if recalculate freight is unselected, the freight amount will remain unchanged.

Yes/no field: Your selection in this field defaults when you:

• cancel an item through order maintenance, Working with Backorders Pending Cancellation (WBPC), or Processing Item Substitutions (PSUB)

• cancel an order using the Enter Cancel Reason Window. In addition, if the Submit O/M Cancel Asynchronously (M36) system control value is selected, the system uses the Recalculate Freight Default (F62) and hides the Recalculate freight field on the Enter Cancel Reason window, preventing you from overriding the setting.

• increase or decrease the quantity of an item in order maintenance

• sell out an item in order maintenance

You can override the default in each case.

The system always recalculates freight when you sell out an item through Processing Auto Soldout Cancellations (MASO).

For more information: See Performing Order Maintenance.

IN03_02 OROMS 17.0 2018 OTN