Order Type for Special Orders (L15)

Purpose: Use this screen to specify the order type to identify a ship-for-pickup order that originated in a retail location, which sent the order to Order Management System for special order processing.

Code field: Enter the code that identifies the special order type. When you generate a pick slip for a ship-for-pickup order of this type, the system submits the order to the Order Broker and indicates the e-commerce order number (displayed as the Alt ord number at the Display Order Properties Screen) as the order_id.

Why send e-commerce order number? Since special ship-for-pickup orders originated in the retail location, they are identified primarily by the store system’s original order number, rather than the Order Management System order number. However, if there is no e-commerce order number for the order, then the system sends the Order Management System order number.

Your entry needs to be a valid order type code, as set up through Establishing Order Types (WOTY).

Leave this field blank if you do not process special ship-for-pickup orders.

For more information: See the Ship-for-Pickup Orders.

IN03_02 OROMS 17.0 2018 OTN