Dollar Method Used to Evaluate Offer Ship Via Override (E50)

Purpose: Use this screen to define whether the system looks at merchandise or order total in evaluating an order for an offer or source code-related ship via override.

Code field: Set this field to MERCH to have the system consider the merchandise total on an order only when evaluating whether the offer qualifies for a ship via override based on offer or source code. The system will use the total merchandise amount, including any discounts, and compare this figure to the dollar total you have specified for the related offer or source code (and optionally, SCF) through the Working with Offer Ship Via Assignment (WSVA) function.

For example, you enter an order with a merchandise total of $90 and an order total of $101 for source code A123, which points to offer A01. The customer placing the order lives at SCF 017. The system checks the Offer Ship Via table and finds the following related ship via overrides:

Source code

Dollar total


Ship via













The system selects the override with the highest dollar total for which the order qualifies. This order qualifies for the first override. It does not qualify for the second override, because the SCF of 017 does not fall into the specified range; it also does not qualify for the third override, because the merchandise total is under $100. The system changes the ship via on the order to 01.

Set this field to ORDER TOTL to have the system include the order total, including any positive or negative charges, when evaluating an order for offer or source code-related ship via override. In the above example, the system would change the ship via to 03, since the order qualifies for this override based on the order total.

Using either method, the system includes all open, held, or backordered items on the order in the total, regardless of whether there is a source code, offer, or ship via override for the individual item. However, the system does not evaluate the order for this ship via override if there is not at least one reserved line on the order. Additionally, the system evaluates the order only once, when you first select Accept to accept it (or select Accept/Add Rcp to accept a shipping address). If you subsequently change any order information in order entry or maintenance, the system will not reevaluate the order.

If you do not enter a value in this field, the system does not evaluate orders for offer or source code-related ship via override.

See Working with Offer Ship Via Assignment (WSVA) for complete information on setting up offer or source code-related ship via overrides.

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