Default Source for Internet Orders (E65)

Purpose: Use this screen to define the default source code to use for an order received through the e-commerce (order API) interface if the order does not already contain a source code.

Code field: Enter the source code you want the system to assign to any orders that you receive through the e-commerce (order API) interface if they do not specify a valid source code and the system could not identify a valid source code from the order lines, customer’s mail history, or customer’s current source code. See the description of the source_code in the CWOrderIn message for a discussion of how the generic order API assigns the source code to an order.

About the e-commerce (order API) interface: See Generic Order Interface (Order API) for more information.

Leave this field blank if you do not process orders from a remote source such as the web storefront.

IN03_02 OROMS 17.0 2018 OTN