Order Cancellation List

How to print: Complete the Submit Order Cancellation List Screen (POCL).

Quotes: The system includes quotes on this report whose cancel date is earlier than the date you ran the report. See Entering Pre-Order Quotes for an overview.

For more information: See the sample report in PDF format.


Order #: A unique number the system assigns to identify an order. These are the orders that are due to be canceled.

Total $: The total dollar value of the order or quote that is due to be canceled. (Note: This report does not support multi-currency conversion. The order total appears in the currency on the order, regardless of whether you process orders in multiple currencies.)

Customer Name: The number, last name, first name and middle initial of the customer who placed the order.

Daytime phone #: The customer's daytime phone number. You can define a phone number format for each country; the system uses this format whenever you enter or change a customer's phone number. See Setting Up the Country Table (WCTY).

Ship to: The ship to customer number that has the items with an overdue cancellation date.

Line #: The order line number for the item with an overdue cancellation date.

Cancel date: The date the item is eligible for cancellation, in company date format.

Quantity: The quantity of the item on the order line that is eligible for cancellation.

Item: The item number.

SKU: The SKU code, if the item has SKUs.

Description: The item description.

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