Picking Pullsheet

How to print: The system generates this list when you generate pick slips if you are NOT Using Cart/Bin Picking (the Use Cart/Bin Picking? (B38) system control value is unselected) and a print program has been defined in the Batch Pull Sheet Printing Program (C38) system control value.

Note: The information presented here is included on your picking pullsheet only if your print program supports it. The Batch Pull Sheet Printing Program (C38) system control value identifies the picking pullsheet print program to use. The base print program is JFLR0397.

Bypass printing? If the Bypass Creation of Pick Forms during WSPS Pick Generation (K55) system control value is selected, the streamlined pick slip generation process does not generate this report. See that system control value for more information.

For more information: See the sample report in PDF format.

Note: This report is also available as a spreadsheet file, which you can open in a spreadsheet application such as Microsoft Excel®. See Reports Available in Spreadsheet Format for more information.

Contents: This report sorts items to pick in billing batch number, location, item/SKU sequence.

Warehouse: A code for the warehouse where the items are located. From the Warehouse field in the Pick Location table.

Billing Batch #: The billing batch number assigned to the pick slip run. From the Billing batch # field in the Pick Location table.

Location: The location in the warehouse where the item should be picked. From the Location field in the Pick Location table, or if not defined (for example, a non-inventory item), from the Location field in the SKU table.

Total For Loc: The total number of units of the item to pick from the location. From the Qty Allocated field in the Pick Location table.Note: The system highlights the total if it is greater than 1.

Order Qty: The original quantity ordered for the order detail line. From the PCD Qty Ordered field in the Pick Control Detail table. Note: The system highlights the quantity if the Total For Loc is greater than 1.

Item: The item and SKU to pick. From the ITM Number and SKU Code fields in the Pick Location table.

Item Description: The first 25 characters of the item description. From the Description field in the Item table.

Control #: The pick control number. From the PCH Control # field in the Pick Sort GH table.

Order #: The order number and ship to number associated with the pick slip. From the Order # and Ship to # fields in the Pick Sort GH table.

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