Salesman Demand Report

How to print: Use the Printing the Order Demand/Sales Reports (PSSR) menu option.

Quotes: Quotes entered by the salesman number are included on this report. Q displays in the Order Status field for orders flagged as quotes. The Quantity Returned, Quantity Reserved, and Quantity Shipped totals are always 0 for quotes. See Entering Pre-Order Quotes for more information.

For more information: See the sample report in PDF format.


• Orders from entered date range

• Salesman number

• Order number

• Order date

• Order status

• Merchandise total

• Tax total

• Freight total

• Gross margin

• Gross margin percent

The gross margin calculations on this report do include estimated freight for the item class. See Determining Gross Profit for a discussion.

• Quantity returned

• Quantity ordered

• Quantity reserved

• Quantity shipped

• Salesman totals

• Final totals

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