Held Order by Pay Type Report

How to print: Use the Print Held Orders by Pay Type Prompt Screen.

For more information: See the sample report in PDF format.


• Pay type: the code for the pay type for which the report was run

• Our number: the number of the vendor for whom the report was run, as defined in the Print Amounts on Drop Ship Picks (C81) system control value.

• Order number

• Name: the name and address of the bill-to customer (who will be invoiced for the order, if different from the person who placed the order); otherwise, the name and address of the sold-to customer (the person who placed the order)

• Card #: the number of the credit card that was used as payment on the order. The credit card number displays in the format specified at the Credit Card Number Layout Screen for the associated pay type. If a format is not defined for the pay type, the system uses the default credit card number format. For example, ************1443 may print instead of the entire credit card number. Note: If a default credit card number format is not defined, the card number will display. See Credit Card Number Format for an overview.

If the customer used two different credit cards that belong to the same payment type (such as two different Visa credit cards), only the first credit card used on the order prints on this report. The value in the Amount field, however, represents the cumulative charges against both credit cards.

• Amount: the order total, regardless of pay type.

• Final totals: the total dollar amount of charges for this payment type that are associated with held orders.

CS06_01r OROMS 17.0 2018 OTN