PC Manifest Interface Setup

Purpose: This topic describes the setup required to communicate with a PC manifest system.

In this chapter:

System Control Value

Manifest Properties

Note: In addition to the configuration required for Order Management System, you must also purchase a manifesting application and have it installed at each manifesting station.

AgileShip interface: If you use AgileShip as your PC manifest system, see the Order Management System/Agileship Integration Reference for more information on the processing that occurs between Order Management System and AgileShip.

System Control Value

System Control Value


# of Pick Control Labels (D47)

Enter the number of label records you wish to create for each pick slip record you download to the PC manifesting system. You can use the pick control label number to track a pick slip that has been split into multiple cartons.

In order to use the PC Manifesting interface, this field must be greater than or equal to one.

Regardless of the setting of this system control value, the system creates only one label record for drop ship pick slips.

Manifest Properties

Working with Customer Properties (PROP) includes settings you need to define for the Manifesting Web Service.

The Manifest Web Service is a job that runs outside of Order Management System and is used to transmit messages between the PC Manifest system and Order Management System. Because the Manifest Web Service runs outside of Order Management System, it needs to know how to connect to the Order Management System database environment. The Manifest Properties identify the Order Management System database environment and the user ID to use to connect to the Order Management System database environment.

Property Name



The environment ID that identifies the Order Management System database environment associated with the Manifest Web Service.

The environment ID associated with a database environment is defined in the DBConfig Properties File. You can locate the environment ID in this file by locating the database; the number in the first column for the database represents the environment ID.

The default environment ID is 1.



The user ID that the Manifest Web Service uses to connect to the Order Management System database environment specified in the CW_MANIFEST_ENVIRONMENT_ID property.


Manifest Web Service Configuration

You will need to provide the PC Manifest system with the IP address and port number for the Order Management System application server. The PC Manifest system will need to add this information to the WSDL (Web Services Description Language) XML file in order to communicate with Order Management System. For example: oroms-prod:9099, where oroms-prod is the name of the Order Management System server and 9099 is the port number.

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