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Understanding Turndown Service

Turndown appears on reservations as an optional service and is assigned to Housekeeping attendants by generating Turndown Task Sheets. To enable Turndown services, you must have the Room Management parameter Turndown set to Active.

Enabling Turndown on Reservations

To enable Turndown service on a reservation:

  1. Open the guest's reservation.
  2. Select the Housekeeping jump.
  3. Select Edit.
  4. Check the Turndown checkbox. You can also indicate the guest's preferred time of service.

Generating Turndown Task Sheets

The Turndown Task Sheet identifies Turndown requirements and the attendants responsible for performing the services.

To generate a Turndown Task Sheet:

  1. Open Room Management Workspace.
  2. Select I Want To…Generate Task Sheets.
  3. Complete each stop of the Task Sheets train:

Viewing Turndown Status

Use the Housekeeping Board jump on Room Management to view the status of Turndowns and other housekeeping tasks. Housekeeping can update the status in the Task Companion.

The following status options are available for Turndown service:

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