Chapter 78: Printing the PO Auto Cancel Report (MPAC)

Purpose: The Purchase Order Auto Cancel report provides a listing of purchase orders that have been flagged for cancellation.

Setting the cancel date for a PO:

1. At the PO Maintenance - Change PO Detail Screen, enter the Cancel date (which must be greater than the current date).

PO Auto Cancel Date Selection Pop-Up Window

How to display this screen: Enter MPAC in the Fast Path field at the top of any menu or select this option from a menu.

MUR0036 DISPLAY Menu Driver 1/31/00 17:04:43

PO Auto Cancel Date Selection

Cancel date

F9=Accept F12=Cancel

Completing this window: Complete the cancel date to include on the report and Press F9. The system automatically submits a batch job (POAUTO_CAN) and generates the Purchase Order Auto Cancel Report.

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