System Control Values


# of Days Before PO Purge (A58)

# of Days in Forecasting Period (B96)

# of Days Since Last Order (D26)

# of Days to Auto Cancel Orders Pending Payment (K18)

# of Forecasting Periods (B98)

# of Periods to Collect Daily Data (C01)

# of Periods to Offset Returns (C06)

# of Times Shipped to Same Address (D25)

$ Threshold for Automatic Authorization # Assignment (K36)


A/P Age by Date Type (C50)

A/P Aging 1 Column Heading (C22)

A/P Aging 1 Days (C28)

A/P Aging 2 Column Heading (C23)

A/P Aging 2 Days (C29)

A/P Aging 3 Column Heading (C24)

A/P Aging 3 Days (C30)

A/P Aging 4 Column Heading (C25)

A/P Aging 4 Days (C31)

A/P Aging 5 Column Heading (C26)

A/P Aging 5 Days (C32)

A/P Aging 6 Column Heading (C27)

A/P Aging 6 Days (C33)

A/P Check Printing Program (C52)

A/P Discount General Ledger Account # (C55)

A/P Files Purge Days (C21)

A/P Invoice Upload Auto Accept Batch (H73)

A/P Invoice Upload Bank (H71)

A/P Invoice Upload Cost Variance Percent (H75)

A/P Invoice Upload Default Detail General Ledger Number (H72)

A/P Invoice Upload Division (H70)

A/P Invoice Upload Terms Code Usage (H76)

A/P Invoice Upload Unit Variance Percent (H74)

A/P Invoice Upload Values (H69)

A/R Aging 1 Column Heading (A93)

A/R Aging 1 Credit Check (B06)

A/R Aging 1 Days (A99)

A/R Aging 2 Column Heading (A94)

A/R Aging 2 Credit Check (B07)

A/R Aging 2 Days (B01)

A/R Aging 3 Column Heading (A95)

A/R Aging 3 Credit Check (B08)

A/R Aging 3 Days (B02)

A/R Aging 4 Column Heading (A96)

A/R Aging 4 Credit Check (B09)

A/R Aging 4 Days (B03)

A/R Aging 5 Column Heading (A97)

A/R Aging 5 Credit Check (B10)

A/R Aging 5 Days (B04)

A/R Aging 6 Column Heading (A98)

A/R Aging 6 Credit Check (B11)

A/R Aging 6 Days (B05)

Accounting Values (B71, B72, B73)

Add Accompanying Items in Order Maintenance (H28)

Add Printed Drop Ship Lines as Backordered on Pick (E93)

Additional Charge Code for Pre Billed Amount Returns (J74)

Additional Charge Code for Pre Billed Amount Soldouts (J75)

Additional Charge Group Code for Freight (I29)

Additional Charge Group Code for Shipping and Handling Analysis Report (E54)

Address Interface User Hold Code (I68)

Address Match Threshold (B26)

Address Verification Data Library (B66)

Address Verification Program Library (B67)

Age by Date Type (C02)

Allow A/R Credits as Payments (E81)

Allow Additional Costs to P/O Receipts (A60)

Allow Location Class Edit in Inventory Transaction (F86)

Allow Multi-Payment Types (A74)

Allow Multiple Credit Card Applications (J80)

Allow Multiple Primary Item Locations (D12)

Allow Negative Prices in Order Entry (E97)

Allow Only Single Line on Drop Ship Picks (C82)

Allow Order for New Bill-to Without Order Hold (D84)

Allow Order Number Override in Phone Interface (G54)

Allow Price Overrides (D71)

Allow Printing of Held Purchase Orders (F18)

Allow Receipt to Suspense (A59)

Allow Retail Price Change Updates on Open Lines (H30)

Allow Underpayment in A/R Batch Processing (I44)

Alternate Customer Number Label Description (H95)

Alternate Pay Type (B51)

Amazon FTP Download Script (I87)

Amazon Order Type (I22)

Apply A/P Terms Discount Percent at Purchase Order Receiving (D76)

Apply Discount To Manual Cost (D96)

Apply Discount to Manual Cost (D96)

Apply End of Order Discounts during Repricing (J37)

Apply Loyalty at the End of Order (J35)

Apply Total Amount to First A/P Check (D18)

Archive Library (C11)

Archive Orders to Optical Disk (D81)

Assign Alternate Customer # (I88)

Assign Batch Numbers (A07)

Assign Drop Ship Expected Ship Date (I59)

Assign Unreferenced Email (H93)

Authorization Number for Authorizations Under $ Threshold (K37)

Authorization Number for Authorizations Under $1.00 (I08)

Authorization Service for Authorization Inquiries (K29)

Authorize Full Amount During Order Entry (G99)

Authorize Only Merchandise for Drop Ship Picks (C92)

Auto Advance to Item Offer (J05)

Auto Advance to SKU Create (B34)

Auto Advance to SKU Generator (J06)

Auto Advance to Vendor Item Create (E78)

Auto Assign Item # (D46)

Auto Assign Sort Sequence Number During SKU Generation (F24)

Auto Soldout Cancel Reason (C20)

Auto Update Order Priority (G45)

Auto-Generate Item Keywords from Description (F79)

Auto-Generate Item Warehouse Records (J45)

Automatic A/R Write-off Values (K58)

Automatic Generation of Gift Acknowledgement (B92)

Automatic PO Creation Method (H92)

Automatically Display Coordinate Items in Order Entry (I53)


Backorder Card Print Program (D04)

Backorder Free Gifts (B48)

Backorder Notification E-Mail Program (G95)

Bank# for A/R Credit Card Deposits (C56)

Batch Entry of A/P Invoices (F02)

Batch for Business to Business Orders in Error (G09)

Batch Item Pull Label Printing Program (F63)

Batch Number for Retail Channel Orders (I78)

Batch Pull Sheet Printing Program (C38)

Batch Size (A08)

Best Way Pricing (A78)

Bonus Credit Bonus % (B70)

Bonus Credit Print Program (D30)

Break Single Line Picks by Zone (E33)

Bypass Geographic Zone Searching in Order Entry/Order Maintenance (H55)


Calculate Expected Date in OE if No PO (J61)

Calculate Freight by Order Weight for N/C Orders (G68)

Call Tag Print Program (E17)

Cancel Reason Code for Orders Pending Payment (K19)

Cancel Reason Code for Retail Fulfillment Confirmation (G11)

Capture Addresses for Invoice (J24)

Capture General Ledger Detail (E71)

Capture Operator Statistics (D61)

Cart/Bin Batch Pull Sheet Printing Program (C39)

Check Interface Additional Charge Code (G27)

Check Interface Payment Type (G26)

Check Location Quantities During Pick Generation (C54)

Check User Class/Vendor Authority (D88)

Clear Phone Interface Files (J14)

COD Charge (E12)

CODE-1 From Group 1 Values (B68)

Column Sequence # (A81)

Combine Stored Value Cards on One Pick Ticket (J53)

Communication Protocol (H37)

Computer Telephony Integration Type (I06)

Confirm Reprint of Pick Tickets from WMS (J32)

Confirmation Email Directory Address (I19)

Consolidate Like Items/SKUs on PO Print (J26)

Consolidated Credit Invoice (K06)

Consolidated Invoice (B49)

Consolidated Replenishment Report Program Name (G49)

Contract Sequence # (A83)

Copy Set Master Special Handling to Set Components (J39)

Cost Variance (A21)

Costing Method (A25)

Coupon Item Sequence # (A85)

Create Bank Interface Record (G12)

Create Generic Item Download Trigger Records (I15)

Create Generic Item Transaction Download Trigger Records (J52)

Create Generic Vendor Download Trigger Records (I16)

Create Inventory Download Triggers (I32)

Create Inventory Download Triggers During PO Entry/Maintenance (J93)

Create Item Transaction History for Non-Inventory Items (E39)

Create Keywords at Item Entry (F78)

Create Location/Item Location/Item Warehouse from PI Upload (F09)

Create Manifest Download Extended Records (E77)

Create Pick Download Triggers (I31)

Create Random Gift Certificate/Coupon Numbers (H09)

Create Supporting Files During Retail Item Upload (H27)

Create/Assign Bill To Customers in Order Entry (A76)

Credit Card Authorization AVS Hold Exemption/Bypass (E61)

Credit Card Credit Acknowledgement E-Mail Program (H08)

Credit Card Credit Acknowledgment Print Program (D22)

Cube of Cart (B42)

Current OE/OM SKU Mapping Sequence (A14, A15, A16)

Current Offer (A33)

Cushion Periods (C19)

Customer Affinity Recalculation Method (G60)

Customer Class for User Defined Field Prompting (G04)

Customer Discount Sequence # (A84)

Customer History Outbound Message Type (J84)

Customer Return Label Print Program (D35)

Cycle Counting (A06)


Data Base Library (A37)

Data Queue Library (B78)

Data Queue Name (B77)

Data Warehouse Transaction Purge Days (H10)

Days after 2nd Backorder Notification to Cancel Order (D07)

Deadline for Special Shipper Override (L43)

Declared Value Type (C66)

Default "Gift Order" Flag (D14)

Default # Copies (A39)

Default A/R Payment Terms (D83)

Default Active Offers (J07)

Default Add Reason for Batch OM Line Additions (H14)

Default Additional Charge Code (C45)

Default Additional Charge Code for Inbound Returns (H64)

Default Associate Code (D09)

Default Bank (K63)

Default Bank for Cash Posting from Order Entry (D17)

Default Batch for E-Commerce Orders in Error (G41)

Default Cancel Reason Code for PC Memberships (J23)

Default Cancel Reason Code for Store Restock Orders (G21)

Default Cancel Reason for Store Pickup Lines (I45)

Default Cash Customer (C49)

Default Cash Pay Type (C07)

Default Check Credit Open Item Type (E82)

Default Company for RF Returns (F45)

Default Country for Customer Address (B17)

Default Country for International Address Format (D69)

Default Credit Card Authorization Number for Soft Declines (F93)

Default Credit Card Credit Open Item Type (E83)

Default Credit Limit for A/R Customers (D82)

Default Credit Open Item Type (C12)

Default Customer Class in Order Entry (D63)

Default Customer for Customer API (I90)

Default Debit Open Item Type (B91)

Default Deferred Liability General Ledger Account # (C63)

Default Deferred Liability Open Item Type (C13)

Default Delivery Code for New Order Entry Customers (D13)

Default Disposition Code (C18)

Default Division (K62)

Default Division for Inventory Transactions (C17)

Default Future Orders Arrival Date (E53)

Default Individual Email Address (J17)

Default Item Availability Screen in Order Entry (J60)

Default Item History Tracking (B18)

Default Item Label Print Format (D36)

Default Item Status for Exclusion on Store Restock Orders (G24)

Default Item Unit of Measure (B33)

Default Mail Name (D10)

Default Male/Female Profile Code (C74)

Default Miscellaneous Source Code for Existing Customers (H83)

Default Miscellaneous Source Code for New Customers (H84)

Default Offer Source Code to Order Detail Line (G28)

Default Opt In/Opt Out Flag (G97)

Default Order Quantity (B30)

Default Order Type (C93)

Default Order Type for Store Restock Orders (G23)

Default OUTQ (A38)

Default Pay Type for Gift Certificates/Coupons (G48)

Default Payment Processing Open Item Type (K24)

Default Pick Generation Template for SVC Refund Processing (I75)

Default Previous Pay Type in Order Entry (D64)

Default Price Override Reason (B35)

Default Price Override Reason for Warranty Items (G01)

Default Price Table (E04)

Default Price Table Code for E-Commerce Extraction (H67)

Default Primary Location - Suspense Placement and PO Receipts (C08)

Default Primary Location (C05)

Default Primary Location from an Item Warehouse (G06)

Default Primary Warehouse in RF (G32)

Default Purchase Order Ship Via for Purchase Order Interface (F85)

Default Receipt General Ledger Number (D95)

Default Recipient Type for E-Commerce Orders (H33)

Default Rent Name (D11)

Default Restock Location (B62)

Default Return Disposition Code for Inbound Returns (H65)

Default Return Reason Code for Inbound Returns (H63)

Default Salesrep for E-Commerce Interface (H24)

Default Salesrep Number (E86)

Default Search Within Radius (I40)

Default Ship Complete Flag (E09)

Default Ship Via (A77)

Default SKU Generator L/S Style (J04)

Default SKU Generator Vendor Item (C61)

Default Soldout Control Code (D72)

Default Soldout Control Code for Item to Item Transactions (D94)

Default Source Code for Batch Catalog Requests (D37)

Default Source for Internet Orders (E65)

Default Staging Warehouse (E15)

Default SVC Refund Item Number (I73)

Default Tape Drive (C57)

Default Unknown Source Code (I58)

Default Vendor Item Additional Charges (I21)

Default Vendor Response for Automatic Authorizations (G10)

Default Version for Order Entry (A71)

Default Version for Order Inquiry (C34)

Default Warehouse (A04)

Default Weight for Call Tags (D50)

Defer Purge During Customer API (I89)

Deferred and Installment Billing (F51)

Deferred Liability Cash Post Method (C48)

Define Special Forms (C03)

Demand Update for Non-Inventoried Items (E59)

Deposit Service for Conditional Deposits (L13)

Discount 1 Field (D97)

Discount 2 Field (D98)

Discount 3 Field (D99)

Display "No Primary Location" Message in Returns (G46)

Display A/R Balance in OEOM (H98)

Display Additional Fields in A/R Batch Processing (I42)

Display Alternate Customer Cross Reference Window (I84)

Display Alternate Shipping Charges by Via Window in OM (I02)

Display Backordered Affinity Items (G59)

Display Backordered Coordinate Sale Items (F41)

Display Backordered Telemarketing Special Items (F37)

Display Basic Install Values Only (F22)

Display Customer Action Notes/Messages in RA (F64)

Display Customer Affinity Upon Order Accept (G58)

Display Customer Notes in LIFO Sequence (D55)

Display Discount on Order Recap Screen (D38)

Display Entity Description (F84)

Display First Membership Order Total (G14)

Display Frozen Primary Location Warning Message in Returns (F58)

Display Item Alias (D56)

Display Item Description (D45)

Display Non-Offer-Specific Telemarketing Specials in Order Entry (J31)

Display Order Line Discount Messages (F01)

Display Order Recap (A75)

Display Purchase Order Receiving Overage Warning Message (F29)

Display QAS Address Window for Single Response (I70)

Display SKU Description in place of SKU Element (F25)

Display SKU Description on Scan Order Detail Screens (J90)

Display Special Format Response Descriptions in Order Entry (E90)

Display TaxAreaID Window in OE/OM (J12)

Display Telemarketing Window in Order Entry (H02)

Disregard Soldout Controls for Non-Allocatable Warehouses (J27)

Division for Source Code Download (H66)

Division to Exclude from General Ledger Download File (F68)

Dollar Limit for Automatic A/R Write-offs (K59)

Dollar Method Used to Evaluate Offer Ship Via Override (E50)

Dollar Threshold for Sold To Customer Orders with Flexible Payments (F54)

Download Prepaid Payment Types to E-Commerce (I69)

Drop Ship Lead Days (H36)

Drop Ship Pick Print Program (E92)

Due Date Threshold (K11)

Duplicate Checking for Customers (F71-F77)

Duplicate Item Check (C09)

Duplicate Item Days (C58)

Dynamic Creation of Coupons (B21)


ECLOGF Purge Days (I79)

E-Commerce Item Availability Download Method (I10)

E-Commerce Order Type (G42)

E-Commerce Staging Library (G56)

EDI Header Generation Program (C78)

EDI Service Provider ID (C96)

EDI Trailer Generation Program (C79)

Edit Cart/Bin Values Screen(B38)

Edit Values Screen (H20)

Edit for Duplicate Catalog Requests (E46)

Edit PC Manifesting Values Screen

Edit Warehouse/Reservation Values Screen(B50)

Electronic Gift Certificate Pay Type (G72)

E-Mail Order Confirmations for All Orders (H51)

Email Presentation (I01)

E-Mail Shipment Confirmations for All Orders (H52)

E-mail Shipment/Return Confirmation Notification Immediately (K07)

Enable Catalog Request at Individual Level (H81)

Enter Custom Special Handling in Upper and Lower Case (D65)

Enter Gross A/P Invoice Amount (F03)

Enter Offer After Item (D19)

Evaluate Loyalty Eligibility within Qualifying Order (J34)

Evaluate Promotional Items/Inserts in Order Entry/Maintenance (E48)

Evaluate Special Handling Charges by Order Line (D67)

Evaluate Warehouses in Warehouse List Only (J47)

Exclude Business Addresses from Credit Card Applications (J82)

Exclude Pieces Per Case for Retail Store Restock (K82)

Exclude Restock Orders from Posting Shipped Units (G20)

Exclude Sale Item When Prorating Discounts (I65)

External Postal Code Validation (E62)

External Validation for Phone Number (E64)

Extra Weight for Order Weight Freight Method (D85)


Fast Track Inventory (A70)

FAX and Print (B55)

FAX API User Profile (B56)

FAX Available (B53)

FAX Batch Priority Number (B57)

FAX Library (B74)

FAX Output Queue (B75)

FAX Product Name (B54)

FIFO Flag (A03)

File Generation Output (A09)

First Day of a Forecasting Period (B99)

First Location Type (E42)

Forecasting Order Category #1 (B94)

Forecasting Order Category #2 (B95)

Forecasting Period Description (B97)

Forecasting Values (C00)

Fraud Checking (A68)

Freeze Item During Physical (A10)

FTC -- # of Days for Items without Expected Ship Date (C71)

FTC -- # of Days to Add for Drop Ships (C68)

FTC -- # of Days to Add for Special Handling (C67)

FTC -- Action after Second Notification (C70)

FTC -- First Notice Output (J70)

FTC--Number of Days Prior to Next Backorder Date to Generate Second Notice (E67)

FTC--Second Notice Output (E68)

FTP Code for Immediate Needs Interface (G91)

FTP Code for Item Interface (G81)

FTP Code for Item Notes Interface (G82)

FTP Code for Pick Ticket Detail Interface (G88)

FTP Code for Pick Ticket Header Interface (G87)

FTP Code for Pick Ticket Special Instructions Interface (G89)

FTP Code for PO Detail Interface (G84)

FTP Code for PO Header Interface (G83)

FTP Code for Returns Interface (G86)

FTP Code for Stop Shipments Interface (G90)

FTP Code for Vendor Interface (G85)

FTP ID - AP Invoice Upload (H77)

FTP ID - Cancellation Requests (H18)

FTP ID - Deleted RAs (H57)

FTP ID - PO Cost Changes (H78)

FTP ID - PO Download - New (H17)

FTP ID - PO Download Changes (H35)

FTP ID - PO Updates (H19)

FTP ID - Return Updates (H58)

FTP ID - Returns Download - New (H56)

FTP ID - Vendor Download (H16)

Fulfillment Non-Assembly Percent (C88)

Fulfillment Order Type (J36)

Fulfillment Production Percent (C86)

Fulfillment Type (M21)

Future Orders Item Status (E52)


G/A Non-Assembly Percent (C89)

G/A Production Percent (C87)

G/L Account to Offset Automatic A/R Write-offs (K61)

G/L Download Type (G03)

Generate Coordinate Groups at Pick Gen for Ship Complete Orders (E10)

Generate Custom Special Handling File (D66)

Generate E-Commerce Customer Merge Staging Files (H86)

Generate Invoice Number at Pick Gen (H80)

Generate Price Tickets During Pick Slip Generation (I77)

Generate Sale Credit for Orders with Sale Items (I64)

Generate SVC Refund for all Merchandise Credit Refunds (I72)

Get Orders from E-Commerce (G35)

Gift Certificate E-Mail Program (H07)

Gift Certificate Pricing Method (I54)

Gift Certificate Print Program (E76)

Gift Order Acknowledgement Print Program (B90)

Gift Wrap Default (F07)

GST Item Status Default (A91)

GST Rate (A90)


Hold Invoices for Multi-Recipient Orders (G07)

Hold Listing Default (A40)

Hold Reason Code for Suspect Order Payments (K20)

Hold Reason for Duplicate Items Found in Processing Remote Orders (J51)

Hold Reason for Failed E-Commerce Maintenance Transactions (H11)

Hold Reason for Payment Approval (K17)

Hold Reason for Stored Value Cards with Insufficient Funds (J18)


Immediate Priority Number (B58)

Immediate Reservation (A64)

Include All Customer Inquiry Triggers for DMT (I09)

Include All Customer Merge/Purge Triggers in DMT (L17)

Include All Payment Types on Printed Invoice (D28)

Include Bulk Locations in Primary Primary Availability (F87)

Include Coordinate Grouped Items (K13)

Include Estimated Charges in Receiving Cost with WMS Interface (F99)

Include Gift Orders (K14)

Include Handling in Freight Charge Calculation (D77)

Include HDL Warehouse Value on Order Detail (J54)

Include Held Orders in DMT Order Files (K52)

Include In-Transit Location On Hand for Retail Replenishment (J89)

Include Non-Allocatable Warehouses (I34)

Include PO Estimated Charges in Receipt Cost Calculation (G29)

Include PO Updates (J93)

Include Print Quantity in Available Calculations (A65)

Include Projected Returns in Available Quantity for Download (J62)

Include Projected Returns in Available Quantity for OE (L68)

Include Secondary Locations in Primary Primary Availability (F88)

Include Set Components in Order Status Response Message (J83)

Include Ship Complete Orders (K12)

Include Spaces in Special Handling Edit for Maximum Characters (F80)

Include Special Handling in Alternate Shipping Charges by Via (I03)

Include Telephone Number in Customer Search (I20)

Include Weight of all Items in Freight by Order Weight (G05)

Individual Position for Consumer Customers (G02)

Individuals Required in Order Entry (E01)

Interactive Processing (E56)

Interface Staging Library (I07)

Inventory Sharing (A69)

Inventory Transaction Batch Security (A02)

Inventory Transaction Code for ’Sync’ Processing (I85)

Inventory Transaction History Retention Days (A24)

Invoice Age to Start Generating A/R Statement (B86)

Invoice Age to Stop Generating A/R Statement (B87)

Invoice Consolidation Method (E29)

Invoice Print Program (B83)

Invoice Processing Program (B82)

IPCS Mail Order Company Identification Number (D44)

IS Report Net Projected Remaining Calculation Method (D34)

IS Report Projected Dollar Calculation Price Basis (D59)

Item Creation Values (J08)

Item Notes XML Message Format (H39)

Item Number Cross Reference Program (G40)

Item Number Label Type (E28)

Item Values (I91)

Item Volume Discount (B29)

Item XML Message Format (H38)


Job Description for Business to Business Order Generation (G13)

Job Queue for E-Commerce Order Processing (G53)


Label 1-Up Printing Program (C83)

Label 4-Up Printing Program (C84)

Labels at PO Receipts (C16)

Lawson NT Company Code (H46)

Let Down Replenishment (C36)

Letter Default Number of Copies (B65)

Letter Folder (B63)

Letter Query Library (B64)

Load Location into Pick Sequence (G34)

Load Order Header Source from Mailing History (F05)

Load Source from Mailing History (D20)

Local Currency Code (A55)

Locate Account Name (K49)

Locate Default Location Code for Unfulfillable Orders (K56)

Location Capacity Method (A31)

Location Class for Loose Pick Store Restock (G22)

Location Label Type (E32)

Location Types (A28)

Loyalty Membership Activation Notification Email Program (I82)

Loyalty Membership Deactivation Notification Program (I83)

LPN Tracking (E16)


Markdown Cost General Ledger Number (E21)

Markdown Cost Percentage for Liquidation (E20)

Max # of Invoices on a Check (C53)

Maximum Coupon Amount (D91)

Maximum Cube Value for a Carton (B45)

Maximum Life to Date Warranty Amount for Customer (F98)

Maximum Number of Lines to Include on Store Restock Order (I51)

Maximum Number of Multi Line Picks (B40)

Maximum Number of Retries on Credit Card Orders (E74)

Maximum Number of Single Line Picks (B39)

Maximum Number of Zones (B41)

Maximum Order Amount (A92)

Maximum Order Amount for E-Commerce Orders (H54)

Maximum Order Amount for Fraud Checking (D24)

Maximum Order Line Value (E98)

Maximum Order Quantity (C60)

Maximum Warranty Order Amount (F97)

Maximum Weight of a Carton (B46)

Merchandise Credit Print Program (D29)

Merchandise Locator Distance Measurement (I39)

Merchandise Locator Values (I37)

Method for Processing Overpayments in Order Entry (D70)

Minimum Item Price Eligible for Retail Pick Ticket (I76)

Minimum Number of Picks in a Cart (B47)

Mode to Process Sync Transactions (G77)

Modulus 10 Check on Salesrep Number (E88)

Multi Currency by Offer (E03)

Multiple Items in a Location (C43)


Negative Additional Charge Limit (E49)

Net Credit Card Credits for Deferred and Installment Billing (F55)

Non-Assembly Category (C91)

Number of Billing Async Jobs to Start (F08)

Number of Counts Required per Physical (A13)

Number of Days Allowed Before Receipt (D01)

Number of Days Flexible Payment Option is Used (F53)

Number of Days for CC Application Request (J81)

Number of Days Past Invoice Date for A/R Write-offs (K60)

Number of Days to Add for Accepted Delays (E69)

Number of Days to Delay Initial Backorder Notice (D89)

Number of Days to Purge WMS Inbound Files (H48)

Number of Months to Prompt for President’s Club Renewal (H97)

Number of Outstanding Physicals (A05)

Number of Pick Control Labels (D47)

Number of Times Flexible Payment Option is Used (F52)

Number of Times to Reprocess PIX Errors (G76)

Number of Times to Retry On Line Authorizations (B93)


OE/OM Mapping (A42, A43, A44)

Offer Price Sequence # (A79)

Offer Required Entry on Purchase Orders (A36)

On Line Authorizations (B89)

Online Auth Reserve $ Threshold (L74)

Online Auth Verification Only (I96)

Open Item Purge Days (C10)

Order Acknowledgement Program (G50)

Order API/No Reprice Price Override Reason (L96)

Order Broker Include Default Country Orders Only (M29)

Order Broker Values (K15)

Order Combination Pick Selection Type (G47)

Order Control Summary Shipment Update Method (I55)

Order Discount Percentage Limit (D16)

Order Entry Batching Default (A73)

Order Maintenance Confirmation E-Mail Program (H12)

Order Purge Days (C62)

Outbound Interface Trigger File Purge Days (I14)

Over Receipt % (A61)

Override Offer on Order Detail Line (D49)

Override Offer/Page/Alias on Order Detail (E72)


P/O Receipt Control # Entered (A56)

P/O Receipt Costing Calculation Method (A57)

P/O Receipt Detail Entry Method (A63)

P/P Scan by Unit Default (B60)

Page/Letter Entry (A72)

Pass E-Commerce Order Status Response Type (H68)

Pass Entity Code to Vertex (F69)

Pass Order Ship To # in New Order Response Message (H47)

Pass Reserved Warehouse Code to E-Commerce (H25)

Pass Ship To Address in E-Commerce Status Inquiry (J33)

Pay Type for Payment Processing (K16)

Payment Processing Values (K21)

PC Manifest Tool (B81)

Pending Putaway Due Date Days (G92)

Percent Cost Variance (A23)

Percent Units Variance (A22)

Perform Address Standardization in Customer API (I99)

Perform Authorization Reversal during Deposit Processing (J20)

Perform Balance Inquiry during Batch Authorizations (J19)

Perform Best Way Shipping (C47)

Perform Cubing? (B36)

Perform Order Edit Interactively (I56)

Perform Source Pricing Validation (D62)

Periods to Use Expected Return % (D27)

Periods to Use Projected Units (H91)

Phone Interface Values (F70)

Phone Numbers (D15)

Physical Inventory Batch Grouping (L64)

Physical Inventory Values (Screen 1) (C15)

Pick Label Print Program (F28)

Pick Printing Program (C37)

Pick Processing Days (B37)

Pick Sort Program Name (C65)

Pick Units to Initiate Extra Labels (E91)

Pick Void XML Message Format (H44)

Pick Wave Label Print Program (J88)

Pick XML Message Format (H43)

Pick/Pack Verification Entry Format (B59)

Pickable Setting for Analyzing Replenishment Locations (G63)

PkMS Company Designator (G61)

PkMS Data Base Library (H03)

PkMS File Transfer Library (H04)

PkMS Item Interface Program (F33)

PkMS Item Notes Program (F47)

PkMS Pick Program (F34)

PkMS Purchase Order Interface Program (F32)

PkMS Return/Case Interface Program (F38)

PkMS System Library FTP Transfer (G93)

PkMS Transport Type (G80)

PkMS Use SKU Retail Reference (I86)

PkMS Vendor Contact Program Name (F48)

PkMS Vendor Interface Program (F30)

PkMS Void Pick Check Program (F49)

PO Allow Recurring (A50)

PO Default Status (A49)

PO Default View (A51)

PO EDI File Generation Program (C77)

PO Print Program (C64)

PO Print Program for PO Print in PO Sequence (C76)

PO Receiving Worksheet Print Program (I36)

PO Reference # Required (A35)

PO Required for A/R Orders (D79)

Populate E-Commerce Effective Date Files (K23)

Populate Marketing/PO Interface Trigger File (G33)

Position Cursor on Offer Field in OE/OM (F91)

Post Coupon Liability to G/L for New Orders (D52)

Post Demand to Order Level Forecast Files for Soldout Items (E58)

Post Inventory G/L Transactions Using Source Code Associated with Order (F81)

Post Purchase Order Additional Charges to General Ledger (G30)

Post Sales G/L Using Division at Order Line Source Code (F17)

Postal Code Scan Length (F61)

Pre Billed Amount Item (J72)

Preauthorize Backorders (D32)

Prefix of Identcode (I28)

Preload Deposits (L78)

Prevent Storing the Customer’s Last CC# and Expiration Date (J86)

Price Codes (D93)

Price Override Code for Promotional Priced Lines (B61)

Price Override for Retail Price Change Lines (H32)

Price Override Limit Percent (E55)

Price Override Reason for Business to Business Orders (G08)

Price Override Reason for E-Commerce (G73)

Price Override Reason for Pre Billed Amount Item (J73)

Price Override Reason for Same Price Exchanges (D92)

Price Override Reason for SVC Refund Item (I74)

Price Table Level Override Code (E05)

Price Table Sequence # (E06)

Price Tables (E07)

Price Ticket Print Program (F46)

Pricing Values (B31)

Primary Upsell Category (A67)

Print Amounts on Drop Ship Picks (C81)

Print Batch Pull Sheet Item Summary (C59)

Print Company Address on Invoice (D57)

Print Company Address on Statements (D58)

Print Credit Card Credit Acknowledgments (C35)

Print Drop Ship Invoice at time of Purchase Order Receiving (F10)

Print Drop Ship Invoice with PO (C85)

Print Item Status or Sold Out Control on 10 Offer IS Report (D78)

Print Letters Using OfficeVision/400 (E26)

Print On Hand Quantity (A11)

Print One Drop Ship Invoice per Ship Alone Item (E38)

Print Warehouse Address on Pick Slips (D60)

Process A/R Batch Automatically after Creation through IJCT (I95)

Process A/R Credits Immediately (E80)

Process PkMS Overlays as Adjustments (G78)

Production Category (C90)

Promotion Code Entry Required for Discount (I63)

Prompt for Mandatory Demographics in Order Maintenance (E60)

Prorate Dollar Discounts and Coupons (D90)

Prorate Freight Charges (D39)

Purchase Order Email Directory Address Entry (J49)

Purchase Orders XML Message Format (H40)

Purge Completed Receipts (D02)


QAS Address Interface Values (I66)

Quantity Available Threshold for Web Download (G36)

Quantity Break by SKU Sequence # (A80)

Quantity Break/Item (A87)

Quantity Required for Purchase Order SKU Scanning (F15)

QuickPick Zone Identifier (J41)


RA Program XML Message Format (H45)

Random Stock Location Assignment Sequence (A30)

Random Stock Location Usage (A29)

Recalculate Freight Default (F62)

Reevaluate Reservation Logic at Final Accept (M01)

Refund Additional Charge Default for Inbound Returns (H60)

Refund Check Bonus % (B69)

Refund Check Print Program (D23)

Refund Duty Default for Inbound Returns (H62)

Refund Freight Default for Inbound Returns (H59)

Refund Handling Default for Inbound Returns (H61)

Remove Stored Value Card Number After Activation (J22)

Replenish from Location Type (A66)

Replenish from Primary during Let Down Replenishment (J42)

Replenishment Label Program Name (F20)

Replenishment Report Program Name (E47)

Require Credit Card Token (L40)

Require Customer Class in OE, WCAT, and WCST (H85)

Require Due Date for Non-inventory Items on Held Purchase Orders (F21)

Require Entity in Item File (G44)

Require Entry of Parent Vendor (G31)

Require Exchange Item at Time of Receipt (F42)

Require Gift Certificate/Coupon Number (G75)

Require Item Class in Work with Items (F06)

Require L/S Class (I93)

Require L/S Department (I92)

Require L/S Style (I94)

Require Long SKU Division with Long SKU Department (E85)

Require Order Message Entry (L73)

Require Phone Number in Order Entry/Order Maintenance (H01)

Require Reason for Lines Added in Order Maintenance (D75)

Require Reason in CTI (G98)

Require Return Reason Code for all Call Tags (G67)

Require Salesrep Number in Order Entry/Order Maintenance (E87)

Require Ship Via on Purchase Order Header (E96)

Require Sort Sequence Number in the SKU File (F23)

Reservation Lead Days (B27)

Reserve from Non-Allocatable Warehouse (J25)

Restrict Additional Charge Amount if Default Charge (F43)

Restrict Pre Billed Amounts to Drop Ship Items Only (J76)

Restrict SKU Scan by Offer (H34)

Retail A/R Batch Errors After Processing (I33)

Retail Order Defaults (F59)

Retail PC Stock Transfer Shared Folder (F50)

Retail Price Change Upload Approval Percent (H31)

Retail Store Values (G00)

Retailer ID (H15)

Retain Unused Stored Value Card Authorization After Deposit (SCV J21)

Return Acknowledgement (C04)

Return Confirmation E-Mail Program (H53)

Return Grace Period (B52)

RF Bin Label Print Program (E23)

RF Carton Label Print Program (E27)

RF Item Label Print Program (E24)

RF LPN Label Print Program (E22)

RF Return Label Print Program (E25)

Round Up Quantity in RF Suggest Warehouse Placement for B/O (F16)

Rounding for Casepacks from Bulk in Let Down Replenishment (J43)


Sale Credit Print Program (D31)

Salesrep Number to Use in P.O.S. Download File (F82)

Save Listing Default (A41)

Search Active Offers for Price (F95)

Search Offers for Alias (J68)

Search SKU Cross Reference (J56)

Second Location Type (E43)

Select Telemarketing Specials by Item Category (F35)

Sell Out Set if Component is Sold Out (I05)

Send Average Cost Changes to PkMS (F92)

Send B/O to Locate (K08)

Send Data for Level II Discounting (I12)

Send Order Response After E-Commerce Payment Message (I57)

Send RA Message for Negative Quantity in OE/OM (J58)

Send RA Message for RA Create (J57)

Send RA Message for RA Delete (J59)

Send Void Requests (E45)

Ship Complete from 1 Warehouse (B16)

Ship Via Priority for Ship To Mismatch (L71)

Shipment Confirmation Program (G51)

SKU Cross Reference Type (J55)

SKU Element Description 1 (G37)

SKU Element Description 2 (G38)

SKU Element Description 3 (G39)

SKU Element for Auto Linking Coordinates (F39)

SKU Element for Order Entry Filtering (F40)

SKU Purge Days (F11)

SmartLabel D-U-N-S Number (I47)

SmartLabel FTP Script for ARN Import (I62)

SmartLabel Item Weight Limit (I48)

SmartLabel Merchant ID (I46)

SmartLabel Scanned Return Input Mode (I61)

SmartLabel Values (I60)

SmartPost Application ID (J78)

SmartPost Application ID Prefix (J77)

SmartPost USPS Service Type (J79)

Sold Out Retention Method (E63)

Soldout Notification E-Mail Program (G96)

Soldout Notification Print Program (E75)

Sort Pick Slips by Gift Flag (D53)

Sort Picks by Foreign/Domestic Flag (D54)

Sort Source Codes Prompt by Description in Order Entry (F67)

Source Code Auto Retrieval Value (H82)

Special by Source Sequence # (A82)

Spiegel Account Number (D06)

Spiegel Batch Size (D05)

Spiegel Vendor Number (C75)

Split Line Over Multi Whse (B19)

Split SKU Element Column 1 Heading (A34)

Split SKU Element Column Headings (A52, A53, A54)

Split SKU Inventory (A26)

Split SKU Values (B32)

Statement Interval (B88)

Statement Print Program (B85)

Statement Processing Program (B84)

Status Message for E-Commerce Partial Reserved Lines (G52)

Status Update Interval (K10)

Store Pickup Request Purge Days (I43)

Store Promotion Minimum/Maximum End Days (G19)

Store Promotion Minimum/Maximum Lead Days (G18)

Store Promotion Pricing End Days (G17)

Store Promotion Pricing Lead Days (G16)

Store Shipment Freight Charge (J03)

Stored Value Card Activation Authorization Service (I26)

Stored Value Card Activation Pricing Method (I25)

Stored Value Card Email Notification Program (I30)

Stored Value Card Merchant ID for Activations (L69)

Stored Value Card Modulus Checking Method (I24)

Stored Value Card Processing Values (I71)

Street Name Matching Algorithm (B25)

Sub Page Entry (E99)

Subtract Hidden Tax from CWData Order Line Price (J15)

Suggest Warehouse Placement (A27)

Suggest Warehouse Placement (C44)

Sum Price of Components for Set Master in Order Response Message (J40)

Suppress Customer Credit Card Information in Data Warehouse (I49)

Suppress Email Address Search (J09)

System Assigned PO # (B76)


Tape Drive (C98)

Tape Record Length (C99)

Tax API Default Entity (L67)

Tax Included in Price (E70)

Tax Inclusive Cutoff Date (E79)

Tax Interface Values (J29)

Tax on Freight (B14)

Tax on Handling (B15)

Telemarketing Special Price Override Reason (F36)

Third Location Type (E44)

Third Phone Number Type (L53)

Threshold Monitor Interval (H90)

Time Limit for Suspended E-Commerce Orders (G43)

Tokenization IJCT Job (L41)

Total Purchase Order Entry Dollar Limit (J91)

Total Purchase Order Maintenance Dollar Limit (J92)

Track Cost Changes (J69)

Track Customer History at Entity Level (F89)

Track Invoice Currency (D68)

Type of Location to Search First (C40)

Type of Location to Search First in Replenishment (G64)

Type of Location to Search Second (SCV C41)

Type of Location to Search Second in Replenishment (G65)

Type of Location to Search Third (SCV C42)

Type of Location to Search Third in Replenishment (G66)

Type of RF Location to Search First (F12)

Type of RF Location to Search Second (F13)

Type of RF Location to Search Third (F14)


Unconditional Suppression of Backorder Card (F19)

Under Receipt % (A62)

Unique Library Abbreviation (G57)

Units Variance (A20)

UPC Validation Program (G62)

Update a Bill-to Address with Sold-to Address Changes (E13)

Update CTI Customer Call Log (F27)

Update Customer Sold to with Bill to Account Number for New E-Commerce Orders (H87)

Update Demand for Order Maintenance Transactions (C72)

Update Invoice File with System Date During Billing (D51)

Update of Current Source Code in Customer File (D08)

Update Original Source Code for Recipient Customers (F90)

Update Primary Primary Location for Item During Receiving (I35)

Update Source Code from Mail History (J94)

Update Vendor Item Price Changes to PO Lines (L45)

Upload Counts (A12)

UPS Identifier and Account Number (K57)

Use Alternate Currency Pricing (H89)

Use Alternate Zone Reservation Logic (I52)

Use Async Start Date for Billing Transactions (E95)

Use Auto Authorization Interface (C14)

Use Carousel Interface (G55)

Use CODE-1 Coding System (B24)

Use (H13)

Use (H20)

Use Computer Telephony Integration (F26)

Use Coordinate Groups Within Sets Only (E11)

Use Costing Method for Returns (K22)

Use Credit Card Authorization Values (L75)

Use Credit Card Encryption (I97)

Use Credit Card Vendor Response Entity Ship Via Dollar Limits (F94)

Use Data Warehouse (G94)

Use Default Current Source Code (C46)

Use Deferred and Installment Billing (F51)

Use EDI (C80)

Use Generic Tax XML Interface (J10)

Use Gift Card Fraud Checking (L72)

Use International Package Consignment Service (D43)

Use Inventory Sharing Backorder Evaluation (I80)

Use Item Freight Exemption File (E73)

Use Loyalty Membership Program (I81)

Use Merchandise Locator (I38)

Use Net Perceptions (G79)

Use PartSmart Interface (G69)

Use PC Manifesting? (B80)

Use Pick Label Tracking in Manifest Interface? (D48)

Use PkMS Interface Values (F31)

Use Preprinted Checks (C51)

Use President’s Club Membership (H94)

Use Prospect Finder File (E40)

Use Purchase Order/Drop Ship Matching (D21)

Use QAS Address Interface (I67)

Use Retail Integration (H26)

Use Retail Price Change Processing (H29)

Use Retail Store File (G15)

Use SCF Ship Via in E-Commerce (J30)

Use Single Use Promo Codes (L95)

Use Source Code from Order Header When Creating Order Lines (D73)

Use Split Order (L56)

Use Standard Tax Calc if Tax Interface Communication Fails (J13)

Use State Shipping Matrix (B12)

Use Store Pickup (I41)

Use Store Shipment (J02)

Use Stored Value Card Batch Processing (I50)

Use Streamlined Return Authorizations (F44)

Use Streamlined Stored Value Card Billing (I23)

Use Swipe Card Entry for SVC Activations (J44)

Use TaxAreaID Lookup Message (J11)

Use Warehouse for PartSmart Item Availability (G71)

Use Wave Picking (J87)

Use Work Order Processing (E37)

Use Workflow Management (H96)

Use Zip/City/State Defaulting? (B13)

User Defined Modulus Check Program (E94)

User-defined Field Prompting for Existing Customers (D33)


Validate Prefix (I27)

Validate Primary Locations for Purchase Orders (E19)

VCB A/P Invoice Number Default Method (E34)

VCB Default "To" Location (D87)

VCB Default "To" Warehouse (D86)

VCB Perform Inventory Write Off During A/P Posting (E36)

VCB Reverse A/P Invoice Number Default Method (E35)

Vendor Contacts XML Message Format (H42)

Vendor for E-Mail Gift Certificate (I04)

Vendor Name Display (D41)

Vendor XML Message Format (H41)

Vendor/PO Discount Values (E18)

Verify Duplicate PO Numbers for A/R Orders (D80)

Vertex Interface (A88)

Vertex Tax Method (A89)

Void Request Wait Time (B79)

Void Unused CC Authorization After Initial Deposit (K05)


Wait Time if Automatic (E57)

Warehouse Interface (F96)

Warehouse Replenishment Label Program (F57)

Warehouse Replenishment Pick Worksheet Print Program (G25)

Withhold Picks due to Item Allocation Error (F04)

Work Order Values (E41)

Write Outbound Email to Email Repository (H99)

Write Promotional Information to the Order Response Message (J38)


XML Begin Message Indicator (H49)

XML End Message Indicator (H50)

INIOM CWDirect 18.0 August 2015 OTN